Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preview for America: Sweden begins "cap and trade" emissions tax system

It was announced today that Sweden will begin taxing motorists, companies, and certain industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2011, taxes at the pump will go up the equivalent of four cents per liter, while also imposing taxes on the energy, forestry, and agriculture sectors.

This is a good preview of what is to come in America if Obama successfully imposes a cap-and-trade tax on all of us via our cars and our electricity bills...especially since he's seems to be so very fond of the European way of governing (tax, tax, and tax some more).

Keep in mind that they use diesel fuel in Sweden, which is cleaner than unleaded gas, so expect our charge per gallon to be bigger than four cents a gallon. If you read the link above, also note how "eco-friendly" cars will be given a five-year tax exemption. I suppose what that means for us is that when you go buy a hybrid, you'll be issued a card to swipe at the pump so that it takes off the tax when you go to pump gas. Since Obama wants us all to get away from cars that use gas, expect a similar scheme to give us an incentive to buy a hybrid.

And what is up with taxing farmers? I'm curious as to how they plan to monitor cow flatulence. How would you like a job with the title of "Bovine Fart Monitor?" And before you ask, yes, there is a device awaiting patent for just that:

For me, the eyes say it all.

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