Thursday, April 2, 2009

Truthbomber is throwing in the towel...

I announce with great regret that I have found it simply too hard to keep up with all of the nonsense since Obama's election to keep this blog humming. If I had more time on my hands, I could get into all kinds of topics and share all kinds of viewpoints, but alas there is only so much time in a day.

So for the sake of my own sanity to keep my more important priorities in order, I have decided to shut down the Chronicles of the Obamanation blog, because if I find that if I don't keep up with everything, it's hard to dedicate time to write what needs to be said.

I am confident that Americans are watching and growing more skeptical by the day of Obama's agenda, and will reach a point where they will demand to be heard. Until then, keep reading and listening to media sources not heavily influenced by, or have severe man-crushes on, the current administration.

If you read comments on other news feeds, you'll see my name once in a while I'm sure, as that is where I will direct my angst when I need to.

Thanks for your support these last five months!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Nearing the end for Dodd? An update...

As an update to my last post, it has now been learned that Senator Dodd is doing more back peddling. He now admits that he is the one that put the language into the Stimulus bill to allow AIG executives to take bonuses, but claims that it was Treasury officials who desired this, and that he was just accommodating them, allegedly because the word "veto" was being thrown around if he didn't put it in.

Um...sorry but Senator Dodd is challenging the intelligence of Americans with this claim. Administration officials, cabinet members, appointees, whatever you want to call them CANNOT TELL CONGRESS WHAT TO DO. Not only is it illegal (as it violates the concept of separation of powers) but it just doesn't happen for common sense reasons as well. If anything, government agencies are at the whim and mercy of CONGRESS...they are the ones that threaten to not pass legislation if something isn't done, and they certainly don't communicate threats like these to agency heads...this back and forth only occurs between Congress and the White House.

Let's not forget that prior to this reversal his story was:
"When the language went to the conference and came back, there was different language," he said then. "I can tell you this much, when my language left the Senate, it did not include it. When it came back, it did."

To me that's a pretty stark change of face, since he was so specific. So basically, nothing that ever comes out of Senator Dodd's mouth at this point can be believed because:

A) He's your prototypical, career politician who lies like a rug.
B) It is clear that with all this controversy swirling around him he's in "CYA" mode.

If that doesn't qualify for a Senate investigation I don't know what does.

In attempt to try to make the public feel better about this snafu, Dodd offered that he was confident that the bill was written in a way that should make it easy for Treasury to recoup the bonuses, but Treasury Secretary Geithner said the opposite, stating that he thought it would be legally difficult to do so.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Senator Dodd's house of cards finally fall?

Today, FOX Business revealed that Senator Chris Dodd had inserted bonus protections for AIG execs when the democrats unilaterally assembled the stimulus bill, and is now working to undo them now that they have come under fire by many, including Obama.

FOX goes further to point out that among the AIG donor list in 2008, Dodd is at the very top, with Obama not far behind at #2. McCain is in a distant third, with an amount that almost seems merely conciliatory as the dems raked in far more than Repubs on the donor list:

May God in heaven above perhaps finally see to it that Senator Dodd's corruption be finally exposed and dealt with by the LSM or Obama himself? Remember it was Dodd who also hit a snafu around election time regarding his mortgage, and eventually kinda sorta revealed the details of his sweet-heart deal arranged with Countrywide. Where are the documents? Well if you weren't a member of the media who he hand picked to show the docs to (no copies allowed), then you'll never see them.

He has since conveniently refinanced his mortgages in attempt to escape scrutiny, except for the fact that he did so when it was advantageous for him to do so, as previously reported by yours truly.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mainstream media trying to slip in comments about how "popular" Obama is when he isn't

I'm starting to notice stories in the mainstream media that mention the growing ranks of the woefully disappointed (in Obama) but are quick to slide in a subliminal mention of the "fact" (debatable) that Obama's popularity is still intact.

Example A: reported on the thousands of citizens who gathered in Cincinnati to protest Obama's irresponsible spending. But they also inserted the following (emphasis in bold is mine):
But not everyone agrees with the Cincinnati Tea Party.
"Clearly the American public is strongly behind President Obama right now. These are scary times and they require some very desperate measures," said Tim Burke with the Hamilton County Democrats.

Hmmm...really? I concede that the reporter could claim that they were just printing a quote from someone interviewed on the scene, but how about some (oh it comes!) journalistic integrity by doing a little fact check to see if what Mr. Burke had to say was actually factual, because it ISN'T.
According to the latest Rasmussen poll, as of Sunday March 15 (beware the ides of March, Barry?), Obama has started to lose a few points in the "firmly support" ranks, while the "definitely do NOT support" crowd is starting to rise sharply, as the graphic below shows:

Exhibit B: reports about the fact that despite the state of the economy, and the uncertainty regarding his ability to lead America with his set of policies, Obama was busy doing what he does best...FUNDRAISE(Un-BELIEVE-able!!)

In one quick sentence, the article adds:
While the president’s approval rating remains above 60 percent in most polls, the U.S. is mired in the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression...

There is a link, fortunately, in case you wanted to know what "most polls" they were talking about, and that is where it gets more interesting. If you go to the link, and scroll down to see the various polling groups who were cited longer ago, say in January, you'll see that the most recent data over the past month has been limited to a select few polling groups.

Two of the groups who are predominant in's poll sources are The Daily Kos and Democracy Corps. I'm sure you know who the former is, but do you know who is behind Democracy Corps? Yes, that's right, James Carville and Stanley Greenberg, two of the five members of the White House cabal that has been trying to convince everyone that Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party.

It seems that the media is trying to counter what is being discovered with more detailed research regarding the public's diapproval for Obama's economic policies, budget, and the idea of a second stimulus.

Check out this link to Newsbusters for more tea parties that were ignored by the media.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NBC's Jim Cramer is starting to smell the coffee

Money guru Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money" and frequent financial guest on various NBC and MSNBC shows, is starting to feel the consequences first-hand of questioning The Obamessiah.

The link above takes you to a thing of beauty to read that I couldn't do any more justice to by adding comment. Just read and enjoy. More like Cramer are sure to surface as this "ridiculosity" also known as "the Obama presidency" continues.

Smiling baby-killing scientists and Congress members witness lift on stem cell research ban

On Monday, president Obama continued his war on the innocent unborn by lifting the ban on embryo stem cell research. He claimed that the decision was "about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda — and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology."

As it came from the lips from one who claims to be a Christian, all there is to say to that is "WOW" as he has clearly dismissed the MORAL element of the debate. To read through his creative use of language, you need to re-read that quote above and this time substitute the word 'ideology' with 'morals'.

I suspect that if he were offered by the devil world power in exchange for his soul, he'd take it-- oh wait--it's clear that he already did.

This change in policy officially puts America in a position in which we are mortgaging our future to finance the present. Not only has Obama saddled our children and grandchildren with an insurmountable debt burden, but he has sold our collective souls by giving the green light to harvest our future generations in a foolish pursuit to heal the living.

There is actually a global aspect of this that should not be overlooked. Remember that Obama has also restored funding at the State Department to restore programs that will fund international abortions. Could this be a vital supply chain for these soulless scientists? All citizens of the world should be concerned what this pair of policies means for the unborn.

Then there is the ever-growing library of hypocrisy coming from Obama's own lips, who said that promoting science "is about letting scientists like those here today do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it's inconvenient — especially when it's inconvenient."

Will you feel the same way when a health care worker refuses to perform or take part in an abortion? Will they be free from manipulation and coercion, president Obama?

Preview for America: Sweden begins "cap and trade" emissions tax system

It was announced today that Sweden will begin taxing motorists, companies, and certain industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2011, taxes at the pump will go up the equivalent of four cents per liter, while also imposing taxes on the energy, forestry, and agriculture sectors.

This is a good preview of what is to come in America if Obama successfully imposes a cap-and-trade tax on all of us via our cars and our electricity bills...especially since he's seems to be so very fond of the European way of governing (tax, tax, and tax some more).

Keep in mind that they use diesel fuel in Sweden, which is cleaner than unleaded gas, so expect our charge per gallon to be bigger than four cents a gallon. If you read the link above, also note how "eco-friendly" cars will be given a five-year tax exemption. I suppose what that means for us is that when you go buy a hybrid, you'll be issued a card to swipe at the pump so that it takes off the tax when you go to pump gas. Since Obama wants us all to get away from cars that use gas, expect a similar scheme to give us an incentive to buy a hybrid.

And what is up with taxing farmers? I'm curious as to how they plan to monitor cow flatulence. How would you like a job with the title of "Bovine Fart Monitor?" And before you ask, yes, there is a device awaiting patent for just that:

For me, the eyes say it all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Readers: Thank you for your patience

I've been blogless for over a week and it is because I had been on a work-cation down in Florida. I thank you for your patience. The blog will resume immediately. Hopefully you haven't been following the curve ball the democrats threw us last week, trying to get us to focus on the baloney about Rush Limbaugh leading the Republican Party. It is simply a ruse to keep us from focusing on the fact that Obama is leading us down the road to socialism and the fact that Wall Street has not been reacting well to this.

I'll take this opportunity of candor to express my difficulty in keeping up with all the incredible level of incompetence mixed with arrogance (dangerous combo) that this administration has put forth on a daily basis. Thank you for your readership and thank you for the leads that some of you send me.

First order of business is to look at the 9,000 earmarks in the FY09 Federal Omnibus bill that I've been hearing about...that Obama was supposedly against. So much for change.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't spend that $13 per week yet...Obama has a plan -- to spend it

In case you haven't been able to read (or stomach the idea of reading) Obama's 2010 Federal budget, it's important for you to know that America as you knew it is now officially over. For people not making over $200K or married jointly making $250K, you pretty much get a pass this round...until it is determined that this group of folks can't foot Obama's spending habit. If you're just under this threshold, you'll be identified as the sucker -- err...I mean SOURCE of tax revenues in the 2011 Federal budget.

But for anyone wondering what to do with that $13 per week you were going to get, you can stop wondering. It's been decided for you. You see, in this budget Obama plans to aggressively pursue the overhaul of America's electric and gas producers by forcing them to pay penalties under a cap-and-trade system (like I warned you about!). I now realize that when he talks about "green" energy...he's not talking about leafy trees...he's talking greenbacks, because what these companies are going to turn around and pass the cost onto US...the little guys. And Obama knows this, and that is why in his budget he plans to use a lot of the money generated penalizing the emission producers, and supposedly give it back to everyday Joes through their paychecks like the $13 thing.

Except that what is likely to happen is that the "concept" or the "promise" or the "hope" -- whatever you want to call it -- is going to get lost in translation as the years go by and people forget how we got into this mess in the first place. Money that is supposed to go back to everyday people because of this inevitable increase, will likely be diverted by Congress to pay for other things, not unlike the way state lotteries were supposed to go towards improving schools (school budgets are now based solely on those lottery revenues and so if people stop playing, Johnny's school has to lay off teachers, etc.).

The fact that he's setting up a complex scheme to actually dedicate very little to actual green energy development, and using most of the planned revenues to reimburse consumers is illustrative of how dumb this idea is...not to mention disingenuous:

The sale of those permits, beginning in 2012, would reap $646 billion through 2019. Of those revenues, $525.7 billion would be devoted to extending Mr. Obama's signature "Making Work Pay" $800 tax credit for working couples. Another $120 billion would go to clean energy technology.

So while we all get a "whopping" $13 per week back in payroll taxes, the electric company and the gas stations are going to take us for much more than that each and every week. The $13 will be a mere pittance for what we're going to get hosed for. So don't start your automatic debit to Starbucks just yet (since you can't do much else with $13).

Of course this all has yet to be debated and passed in Congress. While some may hope that a lot changes between now and then, history tells us that a president and majority Congress from the same party affords such a president little opposition. This will once again be the case. The only ones who have a chance to save the country are those Blue Dog Democrats, they hold a unique, favorable position in all of this.

I don't even recognize our country anymore...does anyone know any countries with an open immigration policy? I only half-jest...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Associated Press attempts to character assassinate another viable 2012 GOP candidate

Today the Associated Press released a story claiming that both Republicans and democrats panned Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Republican response to Obama's address to Congress.

First off, the article is dripping with character-assassinating language:

Insane. Childish. Disaster. And those were some of the kinder comments from political pundits about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and his response to President Barack Obama's speech to Congress on Tuesday night...

The author must have been sitting next to Keith Olbermann.

Jindal's speech has drawn flak from Republicans and Democrats alike...

Hmmm...let's see. Who are the "Republicans" mentioned in the article panning Jindal? New York Times columnist David Brooks, Juan Williams (BTW cited in the article as a "Fox News Commentator"...not as a Senior Correspondent of National Public Radio...and not as a regular Washington Post contributor), and Dr. Penni Pier of Wartburg College.

These are your "Republicans" AP? Are you serious? I'd be impressed if you got a Republican member of Congress or a Republican Governor to say something on the record against Governor Jindal...but you didn't.

David Brooks is a RINO (I'm actually being kind here with that label because I actually think he's just a pretender working for one of the worst propaganda machines in America) who believes that it is a MISTAKE for Republicans to adhere to conservative principles.

I'll give Juan Williams a pass because his viewpoint is usually okay and was critical of Obama for his democratic principles during the campaign, but he's hardly a spokesman for all Republicans.

Dr. Penni Pier...who is this? Exactly. She's a professor at Wartburg College in Iowa. Not much about her on the Internet but the college has Lutheran roots, which means that it's not exactly firmly rooted in conservatism, and she's the coordinator there for Women's Studies, so her overall political bend is uncertain at best.

No, all that this article hoped to achieve was to take a cheap shot at Jindal, hoping that readers are merely satisfied with the headline, subversively slipping into our subconscious that Governor Jindal is not a threat to democrats in 2012, but rather just another silly, out-of-touch, failed Republican. That's why they used words like "childish" and "disaster" in the first few words of the article. But their personal attack on him is unacceptable:

And Jindal's voice and earnest, awkward delivery have drawn comparisons to Kenneth Parcell, the geeky page on the NBC comedy "30 Rock."

So let me get this straight, the ASSOCIATED PRESS is MAKING FUN OF A MINORITY BECAUSE HE HAS A SOUTHERN ACCENT?!? And what's this crap about comparing him to some goofy character on "30 Rock"?

First of all, only Kool-Aid drinking liberals watch NBC let alone "30 Rock"...because "stupid funny" works with people who don't care what their socialist president does with their future. Talk about pandering to the stupid. I personally refuse to watch NBC shows because of the unrelenting, mean-spirited propaganda that the network considers "news."

And even worse, the "comparison" cited was because some liberal goofball set up a hateful Facebook group called "Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page"? Are you serious, AP? You had no credibility before this article, but to mention a stupid Facebook group and declare it newsworthy is a new low when it was thought that AP and other uber-liberal propaganda outlets had bottomed out.

I personally watched Bobby Jindal's response and found it more than adequate. In fact, I thought it was a great response because it wasn't overly critical and it even included an admission that Republicans really hosed it when they had a majority in Congress and held the White House. He was perfectly neutral, and I thought he passed his audition for a viable GOP contender in 2012...of course this is what the LSM thought too, so they set out to kill him now before he gains momentum.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's official: President Obama is bi-polar

It was reported yesterday in the Wall Street Journal that Obama wants to use "pay-as-you-go" budget rules for all Federal budget spending. This means that if a new program is created or an old program is increased, then there must be either a tax increase or a cut made somewhere else in government to accommodate the increase.

But apparently Obama didn't get his own memo when the Stimulus Bill slammed its way through Congress and plopped on his desk for signature, hot and steaming. The stimulus bill is a huge spending bill and now all of the sudden he's concerned about balancing the budget?

On top of that, Obama declared that the "age of budget gimmicks is over" but someone needs to tell him that rosy assumptions are one of those purported tricks he supposedly doesn't like, since that is what he is relying on to claim that he can reduce the deficit to half a trillion by 2013.

Open thread of Obama's Address to Congress

Here are the highlights, or "takeaways" if you will, of Obama's National Address tonight:

Nancy Pelosi is a lot more excited to sit behind this president than the last one...she isn't being rude by reading or having a sour look on her face. If she smiled any wider, I think she'd pop a staple.

The "tax cut for 95% of Americans" will be the whopping $13 per week...too bad they'll be off-set by new taxes.

The Stimulus Bill will create a whopping 3.5 million! Guess what? There are about 400 million Americans, about half of which are working age. So he created an employment increase of 2% (and even that is overstated) at the cost of doubling our national debt. Epic failure...yet the dems are clapping their butts off.

Credit is not available. Bad loans have made banks skittish. So we will make banks give new loans and increase individual debt so the economy can hum again at the expense of America's future. Makes all kinds of sense.

Oh...I was apparently mistaken. The housing recovery act will help RESPONSIBLE home owners. I was under the impression that it was going to help IRRESPONSIBLE home owners since no one I know qualifies. What a joke.

CEOs will no longer get paid for leading large corporations. Those days are over according to Obama. That's not inaccurate, since that happens in a socialist society.

Obama: "Slowly but surely confidence will return" (only to be wiped out by new taxes).

Pelosi's smile is wearing...she can't hold it much more...she looks like she's in agony like someone might while holding their breath.

Obama claims that government helped America emerge in times of previous economic turmoil but he's wrong. We emerged from the Great Depression not because of the New Deal but rather our entering into World War II.

Nationalized health care...Obama is bragging about SCHIP being a model...too bad that model costs four times it should per person compared to the open market.

Preventive medicine is the cornerstone of nationalized health care. So if you don't want to immunize your kids because pharmaceutical companies have amnesty when they fail to ensure the safety of shots before they're given, then too bad for you. If your child dies or is debilitated because of it, they did it for the good of the country. Besides, if you don't put your kids at risk they won't be able to attend public school.

Schools need more reform. They're just not leftist enough. We'll build on current successes like holding back children over and over again so your first grader can go to school with classmates old enough to drive.

By 2020, Obama hopes America has the greatest number of college graduates in the world...after all, with the taxes they'll be paying they all better be doctors.

Alternative energy...nationalized health's paying for this again? Oh yes, the magic unicorn. I forgot.

Obama is now talking about cutting earmarks out of the budget. Pelosi suddenly not smiling anymore. She has a blank stare...must have spotted the magic unicorn.

Supposedly, if any family makes less than $250K per year, then taxes will not go up one dime. So what about your planned cap-and-trade energy policy, Mr. President? When you tax the oil refinery for their emissions, the cost will be passed down to the pump. Readers: Don't forget what I said about Carol Browner! It appears that we will hear something very soon from Obama's climate czar.

I don't remember Pelosi clapping so enthusiastically when Bush spoke.

The fake applause for the military lost its magic when some democrats had to be elbowed to stand up and clap.

Obama brags on about closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing the guilty "to justice." Are you going to execute them, because you haven't said where they're going to be put...

I wonder if Obama would be able to speak at all without the teleprompters.

The girl sitting next to the First Lady doesn't seem very into the fake gushing. I'm sorry but I'm not buying that this girl was helped so quickly by anything Obama has supposedly done...can you say, "disingenuous photo op?"

Obama is talking about how great our nation is when we can share ideas and debate. Too bad he has a democratic majority Congress not interested in debate...and want to shut down freedom of speech i.e. fairness doctrine.

It must be confusing to be a socialist in pre-socialist America

On Monday in Baltimore, ACORN activist Louis Beverly was arrested for breaking in to a woman who lost her home to foreclosure by cutting the lock and declaring, ""This is our house now." This sort of attitude can be found throughout history when nations fell to socialism/communism, such as 1917 Russia or 1999 Venezuela. You see, in a socialist state, you can just take from someone else because it doesn't belong to anybody. But although we're well on our way, we're not a full-blown socialist nation yet, as Louis Beverly discovered.

But don't think that this will be an isolated incident. Here is ACORN's web site, asking for volunteers to be "homesteaders" just like Louis Beverly. Here's the best part...when interviewed about the incident, Joe Cox, a Baltimore ACORN "Community Organizer" stated, "People say we're breaking the law, but we don't see how putting a person back in an abandoned property is harming anyone."

Well, Mr. Cox, it wouldn't be an abandoned property if the homeowner had paid their mortgage. And just because the homeowner lost the home, doesn't mean it doesn't belong to someone. That someone would be a bank, and I'm sure that banks are evil, corporate entities in your world, but those banks actually represent your neighbors who put money in, and invest in, that bank. So when you try to steal back a home for the homeowner, you're actually committing theft against that person's neighbors.

While I have your attention regarding ACORN, I thought you'd be interested to know that now that the election is over and all the ineligible votes have been counted that ACORN helped register, ACORN has now moved into the business of filing FREE tax returns. Would anyone like to make a wager as to how many of those tax filers were assisted with claiming Earned Income Credits for children who probably do not exist? After all, ACORN isn't exactly known for accurate fact checking. This is one way for the left to redistribute the wealth, people! WAKE UP! I'm sure the IRS has been unofficially told to keep an eye out for ACORN-assisted tax returns and instructed to do nothing about them.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Speaker Pelosi gets a papal smackdown!

It was reported in Reuters that Pelosi met with the Pope during her tour of Italy and got the words right from the horses mouth: "Thou shalt not support abortion...pinhead."

Let's see what she does in future speeches about the topic, since if she's a true catholic, then she is to regard the Pope's words as being from God's lips.

truthbomber scores that one: Pope 1,

I would have paid cash money to have been in the room to watch that!

Roland Burris is the worst liar ever

I already covered this territory, but it bears repeating since Roland Burris was caught lying about playing in the "pay-to-play" game for his Senate seat from Governor Blago.

I'll just invite you to follow the links in my original post that shows his payments to Blago that he still insists he didn't make. Does this guy not know about the Internet?

Texas Congresswoman wants us to leave illegals alone

While researching a tip that democrats were renewing efforts to quietly introduce legislation that would give illegal aliens amnesty, I stumbled upon this little bill currently under consideration in the House of Representatives. It's known as "H.R. 73: Traffic Stops Along the Border Statistics Study Act of 2009," and it's sponsor is liberal Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas.

At first I thought that this was just an effort to put forth a nationwide version of a racial profiling bill like Obama did back when he was an Illinois legislator. But the problem was that I searched using the key word "immigration" I clicked the text to learn more. It's worse than a racial profiling's an attempt to discourage law enforcement from making traffic stops that involve suspected illegal aliens (pay particular attention to the bold part):

(3) DATA COLLECTION- After completion of the initial analysis under paragraph (2), the Attorney General shall gather the following data on traffic stops from a nationwide sample of jurisdictions, including jurisdictions identified in the initial analysis:

(A) The traffic infraction alleged to have been committed that led to the stop.

(B) Identifying characteristics of the driver stopped, including the race, gender, ethnicity, and approximate age of the driver.

(C) Whether immigration status was questioned, immigration documents were requested, or an inquiry was made to the Immigration and Naturalization Service with regard to any individual in the vehicle and whether any individual in the vehicle was turned over to immigration officials.

(D) The number of stops conducted within 25 miles of the United States border with Mexico compared with the number of stops conducted within 25 miles of the United States border with Canada.

(E) The number of individuals in the stopped vehicle.

(F) Whether a search was instituted as a result of the stop and whether consent was requested for the search.

(G) Any alleged criminal behavior by the driver that justified the search.

(H) Any items seized, including contraband or money.

(I) Whether any warning or citation was issued as a result of the stop.

(J) Whether an arrest was made as a result of either the stop or the search and the justification for the arrest.

(K) The duration of the stop.

Did you catch that back in subsection D? She wants to collect data to compare the number of stops along the Mexican border and compare it to the stops near the Canadian border. This is so that she can claim prejudice when it is revealed that there's simply more "action" down at the southern border. It wouldn't be because of it being a popular spot to cross because Mexicans have more poor than Canadians. No MUST be because we are racists.

Some people may not see a problem with the language as written on the surface, but you have to think about what it will be like in practice. Keeping track of this sort of data may give law enforcement reason to pause during a legitimate traffic stop because they may live in an area that is predominantly hispanic, therefore causing the officer to foolishly attempt to follow some sort of racial quota per month to not appear like he is targeting a specific group of individuals. It is this sort of second guessing that officers do not need to be burdened with.

So in the end, what is likely to happen, if passed, is that officers around the country may end up letting go a group of illegal aliens, or perhaps the next group of terrorists, all because of this stupid quota proposal that was written under the presupposition that police officers are racists.

What I also find interesting about Congresswoman Jackson Lee is that she's an unapologetic democrat who LOVES pork...and no not the kind you eat, but the kind that find their way into spending bills. If you visit her web site, there is a link right under her signature to print and fill out a form for your own earmark project.

It's safe to say that this is one Congresswoman who will not embarrassed to pull up a chair to the trough when the stimulus money starts raining from the sky, with not a care in the world about where it comes from because she is certain to be a big believer in the redistribution of wealth!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Want to know Obama's end game for America? Pay attention to Venezuela

I found an interesting story today regarding the United States State Department congratulating Venezuela for its most recent support of "democracy" by granting Hugo Chavez "president for life" status via a lifting of term limits. I found this support rather excessively warm since 'Hugo Chavez' and 'democracy' are known antonyms, and it started to occur to me that there are parallels to the early years of Chavez's reign that ring familiar when compared to Obama's.

This in turn caused me to realize that there is perhaps an answer of where we are going as a nation in researching the last ten-year history of Venezuela. Right now Obama has America on its heels because it's in reactionary mode, responding with the speed of concrete shoes while he makes lightning fast decisions, not to mention the fact that America has been politically passive for the most part since the 1960s. Things are flying through because he's taking advantage of our defenses being down, especially among the institutions available to pose any challenges. The court of public opinion, run by the media, worships him. The legislative branch (Congress) is from the same party, so he gets, and will continue to get, a free pass. Who is protecting the regular joes? No one.

Yes, there have been rumblings and jokes about the similarity to Obama's politics and that of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. But no one's seriously looking into the matter...and that's where this article comes in. I'd like to draw your attention to some concrete and eerie similarities that these two power-seekers have. My theory is that if you understand what Venezuela has been through since Chavez took over in 1999, we have a better chance to read the tea leaves and see where Obama is trying to take America. With this knowledge, it is hoped that we can be better informed and shed light on this agenda before it is irreversibly put into place.

Let's look at Chavez's rise to power and insert any Obama similarities in bold italics:

Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela in February 1999. One of his first acts was the launch of "Plan Bolivar 2000" which focused on infrastructural improvements such as roads, housing, and health care. Um...hello stimulus bill? He campaigned on the demonizing of greedy corporations and landowners and subsequently overhauled Venezuela's tax system to hit these two groups harder. Another obvious similarity to Obama...I'll admit that this is standard socialist fare, but that's sort of the larger point as well.

Only six months into his presidency, Chavez staged a "legislative emergency" in which he appointed a seven-member committee to conduct the affairs of the National Assembly (the equivalent of our Congress), and prohibited the actual elected members of the National Assembly from meeting, essentially doing away with Venezuela's Congress, as well as its judges under allegations of corruption. This committee then drafted a new Venezuelan constitution, which extended Chavez's term one additional year, introduced a presidential two-term limit (which incidentally was window dressing to appease critics...he would later run for "election" about every year in order to "re-start the clock" on his six-year terms),extended his presidential powers, and most importantly diluted Congress from a two-chamber body (like our House and Senate) to one body. Elections were held the following year and unsurprisingly, Chavez's Socialist Party won most of the seats and judges were appointed to replace the old ones on a "merit-based" system. Here's what it looks like today. All this have eerie similarities to how Obama enjoys his Democratic House and Senate.

But here's another curious thing about Chavez's newly-"elected" National Assembly, according to Wikipedia:
The Legislature under the 1999 Constitution
Under the new "Bolivarian" 1999 Constitution, the legislative branch of Government in Venezuela is represented by a unicameral National Assembly. The Assembly is made up of 165 deputies (diputados), who are elected by "universal, direct, personal, and secret" vote on a national party-list proportional representation system.

An Obama variation of the tactic described above would be to redraw the Congressional districts to put Republicans at a disadvantage with the help of Census 2010 data, thereby helping to pre-determine the outcome of the 2012 elections for House and Senate seats up for re-election or vacant.

Later in 2000, Chavez backed and won a referendum that forced labor unions to hold state-monitored elections. Hello...heard of "Card Check"?

After his first three years, Chavez had implemented land reform (i.e. wealth redistribution), nationalized health care (in the works!!), and free education through college (on the horizon? Don't forget that he wanted to fund college in exchange for public service a few months back). More importantly, by the time the Venezuelan people got fed up with Chavez, they attempted a coup and a recall vote and they could not get rid of him. An example of the fact that you cannot trust even our own democratic organizations to be forth-right and truthful about honesty and fairness, comes in the form of the Carter Center, who claimed that Venezuela's recall election was fair and open, though it was later proven to be anything but (below quote via Wikipedia)...
European Union observers did not attend, saying the government had placed too many restrictions on their participation. While the international observers, and a reluctant Bush administration, endorsed the results, a few critics, including economists Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Roberto Rigobon of MIT, alleged that certain procedures in the election may have allowed the government to cheat. The Carter Center admitted Taylor had "found a mistake in one of the models of his analysis which lowered the predicted number of tied machines, but which still found the actual result to lie within statistical possibility."

For your reading pleasure, here is the final report from the Carter Center regarding the way the Venezuelan Recall Election of 2004 was handled.

Upon his survival from a rigged recall election, Chavez went back to work on his socialist agenda, pushing forward with policies that worked towards wealth redistribution, while finding time to silence his critics through media regulations. Chavez's version of the Fairness Doctrine.

Fast forward to now. Venezuela is in crisis, and the people of Venezuela are about to feel it. They have vested all of their trust and future into this dictator, Hugo Chavez, who has taken the country's resources and distributed them to all citizens...his system provides food, jobs, health care and education. It all sounds well and good in theory, but the Venezuelan people are now completely dependent on this man...and the good times are potentially coming to an abrupt end due to falling oil revenues. He's about to have to make what is likely to be an unpopular decision to cut back on services. Unless of course something unexpected happens, and I think that that unexpected something will come in the form of US aid via the purchase of oil from Chavez.

It all makes sense if you think about it...Obama likely sees a strategic alliance here. What better way to repay the man whose socialist playbook Obama has been plagiarizing from than to help him prevent economic ruin in his country by making some large oil purchases? I regard this recent letter from the US State Department (mentioned at the beginning) actually PRAISING his continued dictatorship as evidence of an attempt by Obama to curry favor with Chavez. Especially in light of the fact that this lifting of term limits is being done because Chavez finds them an obstacle to ruling until he dies (hardly a democratic principle).

This isn't a new relationship by the way. I direct your memory to last year's election season. Anyone else notice how many Hollywood-types visited Hugo Chavez, no doubt in the name of Obama, who most directly identifies with his extreme left ideology? Let's see there was Danny Glover...

Kevin Spacey...

and Sean Penn...whose second visit to Chavez was so well-timed prior to the 2008 American election that you can't help but wonder if he went in the capacity of an unofficial envoy for Obama.

And would-have-been Obama cabinet member Bill Richardson...

Judging by the other company that Chavez keeps... may not be so preposterous for America to unfortunately soon find itself on the same side of global issues with Venezuela and Iran, perhaps (gasp!) even in a strategic partnership if Obama obtains Chavez-size control of the U.S.

I submit to you that it isn't outside the realm of possibility. If we have two politicians who both subscribe to the same socialist ideology, how can we expect two different outcomes?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cramer (STILL the man!) rips on LSM, democratic Congress, and limpulus bill...all in one glorious clip!

This probably gives unapologetic MSNBC Obamessiah worshippers Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews brain hemmorhages when they think about the fact that he's on an NBC affiliate...and he rips on the New York Times and the democratic Congress as a bonus.

Hats off to Newsbusters for posting it.

Random lines of interest within the "new and improved", 1588-page "stimulus" bill going to vote today

Before we get into the details of this mega-page bill, the most important thing to note and remember four years from now is that the democrats have reneged on a REQUIREMENT as VOTED ON when the stimulus bill made it through the House the first time to make the bill available for viewing and reading 48-hours before it would be voted on.

$100M for the school lunch program the only portion actually with an accurate label -- FREE LUNCHES and we all know that there is no such thing...NOT a stimulus

>$500M for WIC if you don't expand the number of people eligible for this program, how can more be spent? You can only buy so many diapers, milk, and cheese...NOT a stimulus

$650M STILL in there for Analog-to-Digital Conversion boxes NOT a stimulus

NOAA ($377M) and NASA ($450M) are still going forward with "global warming"-seeking satellites (I'm presuming that if there are no details provided, then one is to refer back to the original draft of the bill...)

Is it just me or is the plan to spend only $200M on finishing the border fence while spending $1B on baggage screening equipment telling about Obamessiah's stance on illegal immigration?

$1.5 BILLION for a NEW "Homelessness Prevention Fund" If you are homeless now, or will be because of your bad mortgage, you can be given temporary assistance...but it comes at a price...your personal info will be stored in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) so that you can be reminded how much Obamessiah helped you when 2012 rolls around...or else be blackmailed perhaps? Why a database for this?

Very curiously, there is a LOT of new language related to making medical records electronic. It is clear that there is an elaborate plan outlined and the desire to deploy it immediately...much more time would be required to read through all of it. THERE IS NO WAY someone just put this together in the past few days...this is stuff that Obamessiah and the democrats have had brewing for some time.

It goes without saying that nothing cited above stimulates the economy.

Keep this in your back pocket as these projects are performed to see if they adhere to it:

Sec. 1609. Limit on Funds.

None of the amounts appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be used for any casino or other gambling establishment, aquarium, zoo, golf course, swimming pool, stadium, community park, museum, theater, art center, and highway beautification project.

That's all I can find for now just by skimming this document as the House debates before the vote...

Oh, by the way, today is Friday the 13th...

Good for you, Senator Gregg

It's great to see someone taking a stand against Obamessiah's draconian style of running the country. No, Senator Gregg didn't step down from consideration for Commerce Secretary because of unpaid taxes, like so many other nominees lately. Instead he stepped down because he took a stand for his principles. Unlike the RINOs who are enabling the democrats to put America one step closer to ruin with the "super duper triple-dog top secret" stimulus bill by aligning their votes with the clueless left, he withdrew his nomination over Obama's plan to have the Census chief report directly to the president.

Since the Census would normally fall under Gregg's territory, he decided that he wasn't going to just stand there and let this happen. So he made it a matter of public record that he was stepping down for that reason, and rode off into the sunset. Good for you, Senator Gregg. Hopefully more will follow you instead of selling themselves out for the temporary power they wield because their vote is key to a particular bill that Obama wants passed really, really, really, really badly.

Incidentally, the rest of the Republicans in Congress are not sitting on their laurels about this Census issue either. House leader John Boehner (R-OH) and Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) put Obamessiah on notice via press conference that they will challenge in Federal court any attempt to have Census controlled or directed by anyone in the White House. See the video. Take a moment (yes now!) and send these two a "You ROCK!" message through their web sites:

House Minority Leader John Boehner

Congressman Darrell Issa

Meanwhile, in typical lapdog fashion, whenever Obamessiah doesn't want to stand in front of a microphone and confirm that what is being alleged is true, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)

volunteered to refute Boehner and Issa's claims by trying to merely deny it, apparently thinking that words speak louder than actions (in line with the theory that if a democrat says something is true or false, then it must just be the case). Maloney would be wise to come to terms with the fact that Gregg cited this to be the case and was his reason for withdrawing his name from consideration, so trying to lie to save face for Obamessiah doesn't always work.

I'm sure that the left-wing media will also try to put their spin on it. Perhaps Gregg will be called "Worse Person in the World" by uber-whiner and Obamessiah left-wing bishop Keith Olbermann...but really, who cares? MSNBC is in the ratings gutter...last time I checked, he was flailing behind Larry King...

TUES NITE, FEB 10, 2009

FOXNEWS BECK 2,370,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 2,190,000
CNN KING 1,761,000
CNN COOPER 1,286,000
CNN BLITZER 1,246,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,240,000

So the real question is: if Keith Olbermann is ranting like a cuckoo out in woodsy "Low Ratings Land", does anybody here it?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wow...$13 a paycheck...what a stimulus

I wonder what this woman is thinking right about now, since the stimulus bill that will be voted on as early as today is going to give taxpayers a whopping $13 a paycheck in the form of a payroll tax cut...

If she's anything like the ladies who ride in my car pool, who also gushed and voted for Obama, she is probably a renewed optimist by thinking that the $13 is more than she would have without the stimulus. One of my carpoolers quipped how it would buy a few extra gallons a milk...the other commented on how it will top off her gas tank. mean you're not just a little bit disappointed that it's not enough to pay your mortgage or your car note? Are you telling me that you're okay with the fact that the national debt has essentially doubled, and will be passed on to your children and your children's children, for those extra gallons of milk and fuel?

I find it nauseating that some folks are still chugging the kool-aid by the gallon despite the fact that this stimulus bill is a nothing more than a stink-bomb spending bill. I believe that there could have been about 1,000 different ways to provide better stimuli to the economy than what is in the current bill, and to give $13 doesn't do squat for anyone. Anyone who can't see that isn't being honest with themselves that Obamessiah woefully failed to deliver on a meaningful economic stimulus...instead he has sought and obtained a very small gain at a very steep price.

By the way, that $13 isn't per week for those of you who get paid weekly...that figure is based on a bi-weekly you'll get $6.50 a week. Don't spend it all in one place.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Senate Republicans who were conference designates shut out of midnight deal making

In another shady, middle-of-the-night move, staffers for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid met with democratic conference members to ink the final details of the "limp-ulus" bill WITHOUT Sens. Charles Grassley (R-IA) and John Thune (R-SD). Who was there in their stead? You guessed it: Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME), Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Arlen Specter (R-PA).

Apparently they couldn't get the deal completely worked out and went into Wednesday. Again the official memo to the Republicans was to meet in Conference at 3pm...but it was clear to Representative/People's Hero Tom Price (R-GA) that deals were going on in Pelosi's office and held a press conference there:

I normally don't cite blogs but this is breaking news.

Since NBC refused...

I feel it my duty to post this video since NBC singled out this ad as one not worthy to show during the Super Bowl because it doesn't fit their leftist ideology or their manufactured narrative that is Barack Obama.

It speaks volumes how low this network has stooped since it has an issue with a pro-life message being shown during the Super Bowl, but not bat an eyelash about the commercials with excessive violence and/or explicit sexual references and/or visuals.

You won't read this in the U.S. -- Aussie fire tragedy

Angry survivors of the horrific wildfire tragedy in Australia blame "green" policies for attributing to the spread of the fire.
Angry residents last night accused local authorities of contributing to the bushfire toll by failing to let residents chop down trees and clear up bushland that posed a fire risk.

During question time at a packed community meeting in Arthurs Creek on Melbourne's northern fringe, Warwick Spooner — whose mother Marilyn and brother Damien perished along with their home in the Strathewen blaze — criticised the Nillumbik council for the limitations it placed on residents wanting the council's help or permission to clean up around their properties in preparation for the bushfire season.

Another resident said she had asked the council four times to tend to out-of-control growth on public land near her home, but her pleas had been ignored.

There was widespread applause when Nillumbik Mayor Bo Bendtsen said changes were likely to be made about the council's policy surrounding native vegetation.

But his response was not good enough for Mr Spooner: "It's too late now mate. We've lost families, we've lost people."

In this new age where left is right and dumb is smart, and oh yes, the world is supposedly melting according to a POLITICIAN , I doubt any of us will see that story on CBS, ABC, NBC, or CNN.

Media makes concerted effort to suppress evidence of public disagreement with Obama policies

On February 2, 2009, Gallup released the results of a poll that indicated the level of support Obama had on various issues. The results are below:

As you can see, Obama's most unpopular decisions to date are the decisions to close Guantanamo Bay and the allowing of U.S. funding to provide abortions overseas.

Here's a rundown of the major media outlets coverage of this poll:

CBS: Zilch

ABC: Nada

NBC: Are you kiddin' me?

CNN: No can do!

Even Fox News missed it apparently.

But this is a significant poll to note, given the ongoing narrative that Obama likes to remind everyone that he won whenever someone poses opposition, under the false assumption that everyone is on board with all that he decides, hook line and sinker.

For the networks, this poll does not fit that story, so it's better off ignored...because we wouldn't want to upset the Obamessiah, since he won and all...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unacceptable Hypocrisy

Remember all the pre-election garbage about how Republicans had it out for Obama because he was black, and how Obama himself claimed that Republicans would try to scare voters away from him based on his skin color? Remember the media assertions that not voting for Obama could be due to racism? Remember all of the hullabaloo about the song "Barack the Magic Negro?" And let's not forget that it was proven in unscientific ways that blacks weren't exactly voting for Obama for his stance on issues...

Well, now the shoe is on the other foot and the left is being even more disgusting about it. This time it involves RNC Chairman Michael Steele being depicted in black face by far-left bloggers on, who label him as an Uncle Tom. Where's the outrage from the black community? This is offensive and ironic that it is being done by people who belong to a political party that is about diversity and inclusiveness...maybe they were right...maybe the true racists ARE the liberals who wouldn't vote for Obama for his skin color after all.

Fascism we can believe in

So much for democracy. In case you haven't heard because Obamessiah has us all spun around the axle about bailouts and stimuli bills, he's making an unprecedented move to make the head of the Census Bureau, which is under the Commerce Department, report directly to him. Even worse, the person apparently in mind to run this covert op in none other than Rahm Emanuel.

The reason for this is to make sure that Republicans remain the minority party by changing the composition of Congressional districts and the Electoral College after the 2010 Census is completed. Once he finds out where all those pesky Republicans are hiding, he will cordon off the district lines across the nation so that they are marginalized among concentrations of liberal supporters.

Of course, America has a long history of this, called "gerrymandering," but making this agency report directly to the White House is bothersome since the redrawing of districts was a negotiated process. Letting Obama be the architect will ensure that there is as much bipartisanship as the stimulus bill. And the disgrace of it is that he has the precedent of law on his side because recent limitations on the redrawing of districts were concerned about minorities having their voting voices reduced, so he will certainly use this as justification for whatever unfairness he has planned in one or two years.

Monday, February 9, 2009

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford helps bring truth and logic to the debate

Key goal line stand needed today for Senate Republicans

What little media attention that has been given to the topic of the stimulus bill has a common theme: those pesky Republicans are ruining everything! But the truth of the matter here is that not only is this a not-well-thought-out sack of garbage being sold to the American people (who will be paying for it), but it is being delivered with a smug arrogance that everyday people can't think for themselves and Mama Government is here to save the day. Never you mind the details! Would Mama G. let you down by doing something not in your best interest?...this seems to be the common theme among the LSM news coverage.

But this couldn't be further from the truth. Today the Senate democrats have the ball on the proverbial one yard line and plan to just stuff it up the gut, expecting to overpower what they perceive to be a very weak Republican defense. This is coming to life in the form of a plan to make a motion for cloture on the bill, meaning that debate will be limited/non-existent. After all, don't you know that the Government must act QUICKLY (not realistically possible based on history) so we must not waste any time actually reviewing or debating the least that's what the democrats are saying and will continue to say.

Today has the potential for glory or disaster for Republicans and America. If the Republicans can muster a filibuster to block the cloture vote, it would be a huge "goal line stop" that would make the democrats realize that they'll actually have to use bipartisanship for once to get this and other bills passed. The bottom line is that this stand today is a tone-setter for the next four years...and that can be either good or bad.

What everyone should find strikingly funny and ironic is that our fearless leader Obamessiah is doing the one and only thing he knows how to do in this hour of need for leadership for our nation...he's out CAMPAIGNING for this stinkbomb of a bill! He's been to Ohio and Florida, and it is reported today that he'll be in Elkhart, Indiana. He doesn't realize it that he might call it "spinning" the details, but in the end it will be perceived as willful, intentional lying while President when everyone gets the facts. Running and hiding by speaking to audiences full of your supporters so you can hear yourself speak and feel good about your positions is not wise and it's not bipartisan. It's foolish and displays your fear of, and inexperience in, playing in the "big boys" sandbox.

The question for today is whether or not the three RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who are supporting the bill will also be voting for cloture to suppress debate. The three RINOs would be: Senator Susan Collins from Maine...

Senator Olympia Snowe, also from Maine...

Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania...
Some may scoff at the fact that truthbomber is calling these three out by name but these three are a shining example of how true conservatism in the Republican party has been watered down, and RINOs such as these have helped stoked the argument for creating another conservative political party.

The best thing to do now is to contact these three to let them know where you stand on the issue of debate suppression via cloture, and feel free to share your opinion about the stimulus bill overall. Please remain respectful in your correspondence however...remember that we're not the loony left who just shout people down if they disagree with us. Please keep it calm and attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

Contact Senator Collins.

Contact Senator Snowe.

Contact Senator Specter.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally: GOOD drama in Minnesota

Finally there is good news coming out of appears that Franken's attempt to do an "Al Gore in Florida" has backfired. A judge has ruled that 4,800 more ballots that were previously rejected can now be counted. This is good news for Coleman, as this represents the first time that votes will be counted outside of Franken's hand-picked districts where he knew he would make gains, and is the exact reason why he now leads.

The deck was stacked when Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (who is tied to ACORN and George Soros), was in the perfect place to make this nightmare a reality. Hopefully this batch of 4,800 votes will put Coleman back on top, but you can bet that when that happens Franken's lawyers will be going into overtime filing challenges.

How about they just agree right now to just have the state re-vote? The citizens of Minnesota are undoubtedly tired of all the games, and have made up their minds about who they would and wouldn't want representing them in Congress based on the behavior of the candidates during all of this mess. They would have to also agree that the first election is null and void and that whoever wins the re-vote wins with a promise not to delay the results via litigation. Let Minnesota decide...not the courts...not lawyers...and NOT Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

Senator Chris Dodd steps in it again

It all began when Senator Chris Dodd appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last year and promised to produce his sweetheart mortgage loans that he received from Countrywide Mortgage, presumably to ensure inaction by Dodd in his role as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.
Well, it seems that Dodd has made a deal with himself to refinance his questionable mortgages in lieu of producing those papers that he promised. The problem is that despite his best intentions, what he desires to do should not sit well with anyone, since he is one of a small population of Americans who have the luxury of refinancing.

It is hard to say if Dodd suffers from incurable arrogance or is simply so out of touch with regular people to make this sort of insensitive mistake. He's probably so caught up in covering his tracks that he's lost all sight of what his own constituents, and the rest of America, are going through. He could make it all better by showing both the old papers and the new papers to prove that his properties didn't get inflated appraisals in order to qualify for the new loans. The question becomes whether or not Dodd will pay out of pocket to refinance properties that have presumably depreciated a little, or will he be the first unofficial beneficiary of a lender "write down" under the bailout.

Is there a tax filing epidemic among democrats?

When Timothy Geithner admitted to it, it seemed like an isolated incident. It also seemed like under any other circumstances, it would be a deal-breaker. But the dems in Congress argue that he's "the best man for the job" despite the liabilities of making him Treasury Secretary (how could the IRS DARE to shake down everyday citizens for tax "mistakes" that will be uncovered from here on out?). There are going to be so many lawsuits the minute that a filer feels unfairly treated in the pursuit of unpaid taxes, and IRS types are not known for being kind. I personally don't think anybody is SO qualified that they must be selected with this sort of cloud over his head...after all, why are they saying he's the best because of the way he helped manage the first half of the bailout when there are SO MANY QUESTIONS about that? How can they say the bailout isn't going well, then turn around and christen this guy THE expert who will get us out of this mess? May I ask aloud where the shame is from this man? If it were any of us regular folks, I'm sure this whole situation would be too embarrassing to continue, but yet Geithner is banking on landing this gig because it's safe to say that he won't get a job anywhere else...and leave it to the government to open it's arms to him and act like he's a #1 draft choice.

Then there's Tom Daschle...who has apparently decided that Geithner's faux pas must be outdone, by admitting that he owes over $128K in taxes, which he has now repaid in order to proceed on his nomination, plus penalties. UPDATE: Daschle withdraws nomination...apparently owed more than the $140K previously reported. Again, where's the shame? Where's the Lame Stream Media who would be attacking like rabid pit bulls if these were Republicans?

Apparently these two failed to honestly answer questions 38 and 39 on Obama's seven-page questionnaire that all appointees are required to fill out.

Conspiracy alert: Does anyone else find the wording of question 38 a little odd?
Have you ever not paid U.S. and/or state income taxes because you were not resident in the United States, or for any other reason?

You want to know what this is really about? The lack of scrutiny being placed on these individuals are all just a larger, continued effort to lower expectations from this administration. If the bailouts and the stimuli that Obamessiah tries to engineer don't work out, the LSM will draw our attention to all these dunderheads who didn't have the competency or honesty to file their own taxes...but that is not for now...the LSM is just holding it like an ace card in their pocket. They don't want to win the hand, they want to win the GAME. What's the game? 2012...when the year leading up to the election you will see all kinds of appointees thrown under the bus by the media as a way to get Obama a pass so that they can try to convince you and me that it wasn't Obama's was these "Washington-as-usual" idiots that Obama had no choice but to select from. And why Daschle? Don't forget that he put ALL his chips in the middle on the Obama track bet back in February 2007, so this nomination is just pay-to-play, er, I mean reward, er, I question!

NO ONE is talking about this being a pay-to-play nomination...NO ONE.

Now let's get to the latest embarrassment...Nancy Killefer.

I love this can see the deer in her headlights. We were unaware at the time, but it looks like her tax issues might have been running through her mind just as this picture was taken.

This was a curious withdrawal however. She only owed a little over $1,000 to DC Government for a tax lien for not paying unemployment taxes. In comparison to the other two jokers, she stole a Dum Dum sucker from my kitchen cabinet. Something tells me that this is hardly the real reason for the withdrawal. Only time will tell I guess. On that note, truthbomber's inside sources are saying that more "thanks but no thanks" letters may be coming for other tax "mistakes" from other nominees...stay tuned.