Thursday, February 26, 2009

Associated Press attempts to character assassinate another viable 2012 GOP candidate

Today the Associated Press released a story claiming that both Republicans and democrats panned Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Republican response to Obama's address to Congress.

First off, the article is dripping with character-assassinating language:

Insane. Childish. Disaster. And those were some of the kinder comments from political pundits about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and his response to President Barack Obama's speech to Congress on Tuesday night...

The author must have been sitting next to Keith Olbermann.

Jindal's speech has drawn flak from Republicans and Democrats alike...

Hmmm...let's see. Who are the "Republicans" mentioned in the article panning Jindal? New York Times columnist David Brooks, Juan Williams (BTW cited in the article as a "Fox News Commentator"...not as a Senior Correspondent of National Public Radio...and not as a regular Washington Post contributor), and Dr. Penni Pier of Wartburg College.

These are your "Republicans" AP? Are you serious? I'd be impressed if you got a Republican member of Congress or a Republican Governor to say something on the record against Governor Jindal...but you didn't.

David Brooks is a RINO (I'm actually being kind here with that label because I actually think he's just a pretender working for one of the worst propaganda machines in America) who believes that it is a MISTAKE for Republicans to adhere to conservative principles.

I'll give Juan Williams a pass because his viewpoint is usually okay and was critical of Obama for his democratic principles during the campaign, but he's hardly a spokesman for all Republicans.

Dr. Penni Pier...who is this? Exactly. She's a professor at Wartburg College in Iowa. Not much about her on the Internet but the college has Lutheran roots, which means that it's not exactly firmly rooted in conservatism, and she's the coordinator there for Women's Studies, so her overall political bend is uncertain at best.

No, all that this article hoped to achieve was to take a cheap shot at Jindal, hoping that readers are merely satisfied with the headline, subversively slipping into our subconscious that Governor Jindal is not a threat to democrats in 2012, but rather just another silly, out-of-touch, failed Republican. That's why they used words like "childish" and "disaster" in the first few words of the article. But their personal attack on him is unacceptable:

And Jindal's voice and earnest, awkward delivery have drawn comparisons to Kenneth Parcell, the geeky page on the NBC comedy "30 Rock."

So let me get this straight, the ASSOCIATED PRESS is MAKING FUN OF A MINORITY BECAUSE HE HAS A SOUTHERN ACCENT?!? And what's this crap about comparing him to some goofy character on "30 Rock"?

First of all, only Kool-Aid drinking liberals watch NBC let alone "30 Rock"...because "stupid funny" works with people who don't care what their socialist president does with their future. Talk about pandering to the stupid. I personally refuse to watch NBC shows because of the unrelenting, mean-spirited propaganda that the network considers "news."

And even worse, the "comparison" cited was because some liberal goofball set up a hateful Facebook group called "Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page"? Are you serious, AP? You had no credibility before this article, but to mention a stupid Facebook group and declare it newsworthy is a new low when it was thought that AP and other uber-liberal propaganda outlets had bottomed out.

I personally watched Bobby Jindal's response and found it more than adequate. In fact, I thought it was a great response because it wasn't overly critical and it even included an admission that Republicans really hosed it when they had a majority in Congress and held the White House. He was perfectly neutral, and I thought he passed his audition for a viable GOP contender in 2012...of course this is what the LSM thought too, so they set out to kill him now before he gains momentum.

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