Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fascism we can believe in

So much for democracy. In case you haven't heard because Obamessiah has us all spun around the axle about bailouts and stimuli bills, he's making an unprecedented move to make the head of the Census Bureau, which is under the Commerce Department, report directly to him. Even worse, the person apparently in mind to run this covert op in none other than Rahm Emanuel.

The reason for this is to make sure that Republicans remain the minority party by changing the composition of Congressional districts and the Electoral College after the 2010 Census is completed. Once he finds out where all those pesky Republicans are hiding, he will cordon off the district lines across the nation so that they are marginalized among concentrations of liberal supporters.

Of course, America has a long history of this, called "gerrymandering," but making this agency report directly to the White House is bothersome since the redrawing of districts was a negotiated process. Letting Obama be the architect will ensure that there is as much bipartisanship as the stimulus bill. And the disgrace of it is that he has the precedent of law on his side because recent limitations on the redrawing of districts were concerned about minorities having their voting voices reduced, so he will certainly use this as justification for whatever unfairness he has planned in one or two years.

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erinbeth said...

Dead on, as usual. Have you read the book, btw? Liberal Fascism?