Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Open thread of Obama's Address to Congress

Here are the highlights, or "takeaways" if you will, of Obama's National Address tonight:

Nancy Pelosi is a lot more excited to sit behind this president than the last one...she isn't being rude by reading or having a sour look on her face. If she smiled any wider, I think she'd pop a staple.

The "tax cut for 95% of Americans" will be the whopping $13 per week...too bad they'll be off-set by new taxes.

The Stimulus Bill will create a whopping 3.5 million jobs...wow! Guess what? There are about 400 million Americans, about half of which are working age. So he created an employment increase of 2% (and even that is overstated) at the cost of doubling our national debt. Epic failure...yet the dems are clapping their butts off.

Credit is not available. Bad loans have made banks skittish. So we will make banks give new loans and increase individual debt so the economy can hum again at the expense of America's future. Makes all kinds of sense.

Oh...I was apparently mistaken. The housing recovery act will help RESPONSIBLE home owners. I was under the impression that it was going to help IRRESPONSIBLE home owners since no one I know qualifies. What a joke.

CEOs will no longer get paid for leading large corporations. Those days are over according to Obama. That's not inaccurate, since that happens in a socialist society.

Obama: "Slowly but surely confidence will return" (only to be wiped out by new taxes).

Pelosi's smile is wearing...she can't hold it much more...she looks like she's in agony like someone might while holding their breath.

Obama claims that government helped America emerge in times of previous economic turmoil but he's wrong. We emerged from the Great Depression not because of the New Deal but rather our entering into World War II.

Nationalized health care...Obama is bragging about SCHIP being a model...too bad that model costs four times it should per person compared to the open market.

Preventive medicine is the cornerstone of nationalized health care. So if you don't want to immunize your kids because pharmaceutical companies have amnesty when they fail to ensure the safety of shots before they're given, then too bad for you. If your child dies or is debilitated because of it, they did it for the good of the country. Besides, if you don't put your kids at risk they won't be able to attend public school.

Schools need more reform. They're just not leftist enough. We'll build on current successes like holding back children over and over again so your first grader can go to school with classmates old enough to drive.

By 2020, Obama hopes America has the greatest number of college graduates in the world...after all, with the taxes they'll be paying they all better be doctors.

Alternative energy...nationalized health care...education...who's paying for this again? Oh yes, the magic unicorn. I forgot.

Obama is now talking about cutting earmarks out of the budget. Pelosi suddenly not smiling anymore. She has a blank stare...must have spotted the magic unicorn.

Supposedly, if any family makes less than $250K per year, then taxes will not go up one dime. So what about your planned cap-and-trade energy policy, Mr. President? When you tax the oil refinery for their emissions, the cost will be passed down to the pump. Readers: Don't forget what I said about Carol Browner! It appears that we will hear something very soon from Obama's climate czar.

I don't remember Pelosi clapping so enthusiastically when Bush spoke.

The fake applause for the military lost its magic when some democrats had to be elbowed to stand up and clap.

Obama brags on about closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing the guilty "to justice." Are you going to execute them, because you haven't said where they're going to be put...

I wonder if Obama would be able to speak at all without the teleprompters.

The girl sitting next to the First Lady doesn't seem very into the fake gushing. I'm sorry but I'm not buying that this girl was helped so quickly by anything Obama has supposedly done...can you say, "disingenuous photo op?"

Obama is talking about how great our nation is when we can share ideas and debate. Too bad he has a democratic majority Congress not interested in debate...and want to shut down freedom of speech i.e. fairness doctrine.

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