Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is there a tax filing epidemic among democrats?

When Timothy Geithner admitted to it, it seemed like an isolated incident. It also seemed like under any other circumstances, it would be a deal-breaker. But the dems in Congress argue that he's "the best man for the job" despite the liabilities of making him Treasury Secretary (how could the IRS DARE to shake down everyday citizens for tax "mistakes" that will be uncovered from here on out?). There are going to be so many lawsuits the minute that a filer feels unfairly treated in the pursuit of unpaid taxes, and IRS types are not known for being kind. I personally don't think anybody is SO qualified that they must be selected with this sort of cloud over his head...after all, why are they saying he's the best because of the way he helped manage the first half of the bailout when there are SO MANY QUESTIONS about that? How can they say the bailout isn't going well, then turn around and christen this guy THE expert who will get us out of this mess? May I ask aloud where the shame is from this man? If it were any of us regular folks, I'm sure this whole situation would be too embarrassing to continue, but yet Geithner is banking on landing this gig because it's safe to say that he won't get a job anywhere else...and leave it to the government to open it's arms to him and act like he's a #1 draft choice.

Then there's Tom Daschle...who has apparently decided that Geithner's faux pas must be outdone, by admitting that he owes over $128K in taxes, which he has now repaid in order to proceed on his nomination, plus penalties. UPDATE: Daschle withdraws nomination...apparently owed more than the $140K previously reported. Again, where's the shame? Where's the Lame Stream Media who would be attacking like rabid pit bulls if these were Republicans?

Apparently these two failed to honestly answer questions 38 and 39 on Obama's seven-page questionnaire that all appointees are required to fill out.

Conspiracy alert: Does anyone else find the wording of question 38 a little odd?
Have you ever not paid U.S. and/or state income taxes because you were not resident in the United States, or for any other reason?

You want to know what this is really about? The lack of scrutiny being placed on these individuals are all just a larger, continued effort to lower expectations from this administration. If the bailouts and the stimuli that Obamessiah tries to engineer don't work out, the LSM will draw our attention to all these dunderheads who didn't have the competency or honesty to file their own taxes...but that is not for now...the LSM is just holding it like an ace card in their pocket. They don't want to win the hand, they want to win the GAME. What's the game? 2012...when the year leading up to the election you will see all kinds of appointees thrown under the bus by the media as a way to get Obama a pass so that they can try to convince you and me that it wasn't Obama's fault...it was these "Washington-as-usual" idiots that Obama had no choice but to select from. And why Daschle? Don't forget that he put ALL his chips in the middle on the Obama track bet back in February 2007, so this nomination is just pay-to-play, er, I mean reward, er, I mean...uh...next question!

NO ONE is talking about this being a pay-to-play nomination...NO ONE.

Now let's get to the latest embarrassment...Nancy Killefer.

I love this pic...you can see the deer in her headlights. We were unaware at the time, but it looks like her tax issues might have been running through her mind just as this picture was taken.

This was a curious withdrawal however. She only owed a little over $1,000 to DC Government for a tax lien for not paying unemployment taxes. In comparison to the other two jokers, she stole a Dum Dum sucker from my kitchen cabinet. Something tells me that this is hardly the real reason for the withdrawal. Only time will tell I guess. On that note, truthbomber's inside sources are saying that more "thanks but no thanks" letters may be coming for other tax "mistakes" from other nominees...stay tuned.

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