Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally: GOOD drama in Minnesota

Finally there is good news coming out of Minnesota...it appears that Franken's attempt to do an "Al Gore in Florida" has backfired. A judge has ruled that 4,800 more ballots that were previously rejected can now be counted. This is good news for Coleman, as this represents the first time that votes will be counted outside of Franken's hand-picked districts where he knew he would make gains, and is the exact reason why he now leads.

The deck was stacked when Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (who is tied to ACORN and George Soros), was in the perfect place to make this nightmare a reality. Hopefully this batch of 4,800 votes will put Coleman back on top, but you can bet that when that happens Franken's lawyers will be going into overtime filing challenges.

How about they just agree right now to just have the state re-vote? The citizens of Minnesota are undoubtedly tired of all the games, and have made up their minds about who they would and wouldn't want representing them in Congress based on the behavior of the candidates during all of this mess. They would have to also agree that the first election is null and void and that whoever wins the re-vote wins with a promise not to delay the results via litigation. Let Minnesota decide...not the courts...not lawyers...and NOT Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

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