Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It must be confusing to be a socialist in pre-socialist America

On Monday in Baltimore, ACORN activist Louis Beverly was arrested for breaking in to a woman who lost her home to foreclosure by cutting the lock and declaring, ""This is our house now." This sort of attitude can be found throughout history when nations fell to socialism/communism, such as 1917 Russia or 1999 Venezuela. You see, in a socialist state, you can just take from someone else because it doesn't belong to anybody. But although we're well on our way, we're not a full-blown socialist nation yet, as Louis Beverly discovered.

But don't think that this will be an isolated incident. Here is ACORN's web site, asking for volunteers to be "homesteaders" just like Louis Beverly. Here's the best part...when interviewed about the incident, Joe Cox, a Baltimore ACORN "Community Organizer" stated, "People say we're breaking the law, but we don't see how putting a person back in an abandoned property is harming anyone."

Well, Mr. Cox, it wouldn't be an abandoned property if the homeowner had paid their mortgage. And just because the homeowner lost the home, doesn't mean it doesn't belong to someone. That someone would be a bank, and I'm sure that banks are evil, corporate entities in your world, but those banks actually represent your neighbors who put money in, and invest in, that bank. So when you try to steal back a home for the homeowner, you're actually committing theft against that person's neighbors.

While I have your attention regarding ACORN, I thought you'd be interested to know that now that the election is over and all the ineligible votes have been counted that ACORN helped register, ACORN has now moved into the business of filing FREE tax returns. Would anyone like to make a wager as to how many of those tax filers were assisted with claiming Earned Income Credits for children who probably do not exist? After all, ACORN isn't exactly known for accurate fact checking. This is one way for the left to redistribute the wealth, people! WAKE UP! I'm sure the IRS has been unofficially told to keep an eye out for ACORN-assisted tax returns and instructed to do nothing about them.

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erinbeth said...

crap, i knew i should have waited a little longer to file my taxes