Monday, February 9, 2009

Key goal line stand needed today for Senate Republicans

What little media attention that has been given to the topic of the stimulus bill has a common theme: those pesky Republicans are ruining everything! But the truth of the matter here is that not only is this a not-well-thought-out sack of garbage being sold to the American people (who will be paying for it), but it is being delivered with a smug arrogance that everyday people can't think for themselves and Mama Government is here to save the day. Never you mind the details! Would Mama G. let you down by doing something not in your best interest?...this seems to be the common theme among the LSM news coverage.

But this couldn't be further from the truth. Today the Senate democrats have the ball on the proverbial one yard line and plan to just stuff it up the gut, expecting to overpower what they perceive to be a very weak Republican defense. This is coming to life in the form of a plan to make a motion for cloture on the bill, meaning that debate will be limited/non-existent. After all, don't you know that the Government must act QUICKLY (not realistically possible based on history) so we must not waste any time actually reviewing or debating the least that's what the democrats are saying and will continue to say.

Today has the potential for glory or disaster for Republicans and America. If the Republicans can muster a filibuster to block the cloture vote, it would be a huge "goal line stop" that would make the democrats realize that they'll actually have to use bipartisanship for once to get this and other bills passed. The bottom line is that this stand today is a tone-setter for the next four years...and that can be either good or bad.

What everyone should find strikingly funny and ironic is that our fearless leader Obamessiah is doing the one and only thing he knows how to do in this hour of need for leadership for our nation...he's out CAMPAIGNING for this stinkbomb of a bill! He's been to Ohio and Florida, and it is reported today that he'll be in Elkhart, Indiana. He doesn't realize it that he might call it "spinning" the details, but in the end it will be perceived as willful, intentional lying while President when everyone gets the facts. Running and hiding by speaking to audiences full of your supporters so you can hear yourself speak and feel good about your positions is not wise and it's not bipartisan. It's foolish and displays your fear of, and inexperience in, playing in the "big boys" sandbox.

The question for today is whether or not the three RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who are supporting the bill will also be voting for cloture to suppress debate. The three RINOs would be: Senator Susan Collins from Maine...

Senator Olympia Snowe, also from Maine...

Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania...
Some may scoff at the fact that truthbomber is calling these three out by name but these three are a shining example of how true conservatism in the Republican party has been watered down, and RINOs such as these have helped stoked the argument for creating another conservative political party.

The best thing to do now is to contact these three to let them know where you stand on the issue of debate suppression via cloture, and feel free to share your opinion about the stimulus bill overall. Please remain respectful in your correspondence however...remember that we're not the loony left who just shout people down if they disagree with us. Please keep it calm and attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

Contact Senator Collins.

Contact Senator Snowe.

Contact Senator Specter.

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