Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wow...$13 a paycheck...what a stimulus

I wonder what this woman is thinking right about now, since the stimulus bill that will be voted on as early as today is going to give taxpayers a whopping $13 a paycheck in the form of a payroll tax cut...

If she's anything like the ladies who ride in my car pool, who also gushed and voted for Obama, she is probably a renewed optimist by thinking that the $13 is more than she would have without the stimulus. One of my carpoolers quipped how it would buy a few extra gallons a milk...the other commented on how it will top off her gas tank. mean you're not just a little bit disappointed that it's not enough to pay your mortgage or your car note? Are you telling me that you're okay with the fact that the national debt has essentially doubled, and will be passed on to your children and your children's children, for those extra gallons of milk and fuel?

I find it nauseating that some folks are still chugging the kool-aid by the gallon despite the fact that this stimulus bill is a nothing more than a stink-bomb spending bill. I believe that there could have been about 1,000 different ways to provide better stimuli to the economy than what is in the current bill, and to give $13 doesn't do squat for anyone. Anyone who can't see that isn't being honest with themselves that Obamessiah woefully failed to deliver on a meaningful economic stimulus...instead he has sought and obtained a very small gain at a very steep price.

By the way, that $13 isn't per week for those of you who get paid weekly...that figure is based on a bi-weekly you'll get $6.50 a week. Don't spend it all in one place.

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L said...

livin' the big life! that's me. with my WHOLE $13 at one time. i'm a big spender. ain't no way i can have that whole $13 without spending it at one time!!