Monday, January 12, 2009

What is Obama's environmental pick hiding? That she is a Soros/Gore climate change operative

Carol Browner, Obama's choice to coordinate his climate and energy policies, doesn't want you to know that she's a hard-core socialist. Until last week, Ms. Browner was identified as a member of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society, a socialist organization that believes that rich, first-world nations need to shrink their economies to lessen their "environmental footprint"...that is, until she apparently orchestrated a removal of all references to her from that web site. To get an idea of what is involved and at stake, read my earlier article.

The bottom line is that we will NOT have an advocate in the Obama White House when it comes to rejecting efforts by the United Nations to punish developed countries through taxes and emissions cap penalties all in the name of "global warming," which has yet to be accepted and verified as existing and preventable. The global warming hoax is more about tricking developed countries into redistributing their wealth (sound familiar?) to poorer countries all in the name of emissions taxes and penalties. Whenever the UN comes up with a flawed report on global warming, Ms. Browner is going to endorse it wholeheartedly, and any hard commitments needed to impose emissions taxes and penalties on hard working Americans will be coordinated between Ms. Browner and Ms. Susan Rice, Obama's choice for UN Ambassador, and shoved down our throats.

The worst part of it is that Ms. Browner is not eligible for questioning about her past before a Senate confirmation hearing, as her post and appointment do not require it. You can't have a warm fuzzy about anything who is affiliated with such extremely left organizations and has gone to extraordinary lengths to rewrite/deny her tracks by having all references to herself erased. If you Google "Commission for a Sustainable World Society and Carol Browner" you will see the pages that make reference to her, but alas, when you click them, they will no longer refer to her.

Fortunately I found a link that shows the web site the way it USED to look.

She also refused to use her computer for e-mail while she was the EPA Administrator under President Clinton, and illegally ordered that her hard drive be wiped clean when she left office, so her credibility and motives could always be questioned as we proceed as a nation down this track. Unfortunately, despite her illegal act, she was never prosecuted. Instead the EPA was punished in future funding appropriations for not having the proper controls and policies in place to prevent anyone in the agency to unilaterally decide to erase any and all records that were government property. What excuse did she have for doing this? She basically claimed that the impacts of digital information storage had an unknown impact on the environment at that time, so she was conscious of her "footprint"...but the truth is that whatever she was doing in her role as EPA Administrator, she never wanted known to the public.

Her other affiliations include: The National Audubon Society, the League of Conservation Voters, the Center for American Progress (an organization started and funded by socialist wannabe George Soros), former Vice President Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection, and The Albright Group, LLC.

Interestingly, with the exception of the National Audubon Society, and the Center For American Progress web sites, she has been wiped from the cyberspace memory of ALL these organizations.

If you click on the Albright Group's Wikipedia link above, the 8th footnote mentions that Browner's name was identified as one of its founders as of December 28, 2008, after which it was wiped clean. But here's another link that mentions Browner's role in the Albright Group from a speech she gave back in March 2007 about greenhouse gas emissions.

Here's a link to the Albright Group bio that used to mentions that she is on the Board of Directors for Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection, but if you visit that group's site, she (surprise!) no longer exists.

The League of Conservation Voters also fail to now list her as a board member, but this press release back in July 2008 has her identified as just that.

Could it be that she and those in the inner cabal of climate change are fully aware that when the time comes to peel back the Al Gore Climate Change onion that all will be revealed to be not backed by science but instead Al Gore's true expertise -- politics? That is the only way to explain Browner's attempts to fly under the radar screen by removing her affiliations with all of these known left-wing kooks.

Here's a helpful interactive map regarding her affiliations that I found at Muckety.

Now that you know what I do about Ms. Browner, check out the fluff piece on her done by The New York Times. Not one mention about how many of her affiliations have one man in common: George Soros.


Meri said...

Ya know, if Mr. Soros wants to give money to the poor so badly, why doesn't he just start writing checks? Why is he so hell bent on making everyone else (who btw, CAN'T afford it!!) join him.

Ridiculous that we allowed this man to buy a presidency.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic but why all the comparisons to Abraham Lincoln? The media covered Obamessiah's whistle stop tour along the same route taken by Lincoln with such glee saying how historic it is! And they also keep mentioning that He is going to be swearing in with the same Bible used by Lincoln. Will someone please remind the lamestream media that "Honest Abe" was a REPUBLICAN?