Friday, January 9, 2009

MSNBC focuses on America's priorities

For most Americans, it's hard to keep one's eye on the ball...the ball being what is truly important for America as we head into the Obama era. Usually we would rely on the media to help keep the most important items front and center, but this past election proved not only that the media cannot be relied upon, but also that it cannot be trusted at all.

Our future national security under a democratic president should be a primary focus for all Americans, and we should be making sure we are paying attention when the slightest clues exist that we will NOT be as vigilant to defend the homeland as had been done under President Bush.

The first piece of evidence that this is occurring is Obama's announcement that we will not engage in torture to save American lives (because terrorists have rights too...sniff sniff), and his appointment of Leon Panetta to head the CIA. Obama picked a big-time civil rights person to keep an eye on those who do what sometimes has to get done to keep America safe (interrogation, and yes --cover your ears if you're a bleeding heart -- torture, if necessary). Mr. Panetta has been brought in to wag his finger and shake his head in response to any attempt by our greatest intelligence asset to acquire plans of future terrorist acts.

By appointing Panetta, Obama is letting our terrorist enemies know that we have Mr. Softy in the Oval Office and not only will we not be as vigilant, but we will likely be open to pay protection money to put off an attack for a set period of time. That's how Clinton did it -- "peace through incentives" and since Obama has pretty much re-hired most of Clinton's former appointees, including his WIFE, he's sending a crystal clear message that for the next four years, America will be run by Wimpy, who will gladly pay you Tuesday for not attacking America today. Panetta is expected to sail through his Senate confirmation, despite a clear experience gap. I find it disturbing that the claws came out against Palin to be the #2 in the country due to her perceived inexperience, but not only did an inexperienced Senator from Illinois become POTUS, but the man who will be leading the charge to keep America safe has no intelligence experience and appears weak-kneed when it comes to harsh interrogation.

The second piece of evidence is Obama's slack job thus far handling Hamas. Back on December 29, after Israel finally had enough of the attacks from Hamas and began its offensive, Obama whined about how the offense "dealt a significant blow to his hopes of forging a Middle East peace deal early in his presidency." No, Israel, don't defend yourself...that would be meddling in Obama's plan to save the world, starting with the Middle DARE you! Despite the attempts of the media and Obama to assume the presidency before his swearing in on topics like the economy, he's interestingly decided to sit on the sidelines when it comes to the Hamas violence, citing that "there is only one president at a time."

I digressed a bit from my lead-in statement, but rather than focus on these clear concerns about our future security and safety the left-wing media is clearly trying to keep less-important topics on the front burner so as to avoid talking about issues and problems that matter. One example is MSLSD's apparent desire to keep character assassinating Sarah Palin at every opportunity. The embedded video is yet another installment from MSLSD.

In typical MSLSD style, Shuster cites an alleged statistical point that 65% of Americans at some point in time felt that Palin was unqualified to be vice-president. It is irresponsible to cite any poll regarding a question such as that given that the media was successful in completely fabricating the public's view of Palin (see my earlier post). Arguably the most reputable polling organizations put her unqualified percentage closer to 60%, and this may seem like a splitting of hairs, but when you're in the propaganda game, a 65/35 split is more dramatic than a 60/40 split in the eyes of Obama loyalists like Shuster.

To give you an idea of how much MSNBC is paying attention to Palin due to their fear that she will be a viable challenger in 2012, there have been 53 stories about or mentioning Sarah Palin on MSNBC alone since CHRISTMAS! As of today, January 9, that is over 3 stories a day!

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

My favorite t-shirt right now says it all "2012." In pink. Counting down the days until the insanity ends and America (hopefully?) comes to its senses.