Sunday, January 25, 2009

What happened to Obama's desire for bipartisanship?

You've heard the speeches...before, during, and after the election, Obama claimed to want to have "bipartisan" support in his administration. The first clue that it wouldn't last was in Obama's inauguration speech when he suggested that Repubicans put aside "petty grievances" for the next four years. What petty grievances you ask? Well that would be questions about Obama's associations, lack of experience, and oh yes, citizenship...none of which were ever addressed or pursued by left-wing media ideologues.

In case there was any doubt, on Thursday, January 22, 2009, the desire for bipartisanship officially ended (in case it wasn't officially the case before this). This has been determined because someone who is supposed to be smart with a Harvard education ("what other qualifications are needed?" said America on election day), did something not-so-smart in the form of following the lead of Nancy Pelosi. On that fateful day, just TWO days after the inauguration, Ms. Nancy said something typical, aka arrogant and stupid...when asked about GOP resistance to the stimulus bill, which she had done all in her power to keep Republicans out of the planning process, she merely replied, "Yes, we wrote the bill. Yes, we won the election." Apparently, in Nancyland, Republicans are the serfs in the New Dark Ages (no racial pun intended), and they are to sign off on anything demoncrats desire lest be flogged and tortured (since if she had her way, Republicans would not protected by the Geneva Convention). This was typical Nancy, puffing her chest out, much like a Redskins fan who starts talking about going to the Super Bowl after winning two pre-season games in a row.

But Barry shouldn't have bitten from that apple...but he did. Later THAT SAME DAY(!) while sitting in a press conference with, yes, Puppetmaster Pelosi by his side, sent an arrogant message to the Republicans during the deliberations, when some objections arose regarding some of his ideas in the stimulus plan, to which he stated matter-of-factly, "I won."

So apparently, as many other leaders before him, Barry is already starting to suffer from delusions of grandeur, as he apparently believes that so long as he puts forth his ideas, no matter how left, crazy, unwise, or all the above, those who voted for him will back him 100%...oh how quickly they rise and fall, eh? Based on his popularity, the free fall after the media honeymoon is over should be historic.

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