Friday, January 23, 2009

"Change"...the remix from DJ Barack

Guess...that...change...ISN'T...coming...? Or...that...change...was...already...HERE? I'm confused...but certainly not as confused as Obamessiah worshipers must be right about now.

Hats off to L.M. for scooping me on this video.


Anonymous said...

Truth Bomber, I love your blog! You do a fantastic job informing the masses of that which the lamestream media will not. Keep up the good work. By the way the news has been talking stimulus all morning while BHO is busy signing a bill to lift the ban on US funding for abortions abroad. In a time of financial distress why not have Americans pay for abortions in other countries as well. After all abortions are cheap. Bullets are even cheaper why are these libs so against war if their goal is to kill as many children as possible. He may well be the Anti-Christ.

LM ;) said...

bummer..."the man" got to it. it was great, though!

LM said...

there's the original version if you're interested.