Monday, January 26, 2009

LA Times: Gay film successful among target audience is proof that tolerance is growing for gay rights

Betsy Sharkey of the L.A. Times has really stretched reality with her latest hypothesis that because of the eight Oscar nominations for the movie "Milk," about California's first openly gay elected official, this is evidence that the gay rights movement is being more accepted in American society. I know, I know...wait for it...


Okay...let's look at the facts. Out of the top 150 films that were released in 2008, "Milk" ranks 109th, based on total box office receipts. It plays in only 350+ plus theaters across the entire U.S. and pulled in a weak $1.4 million in only 36 theaters on opening night.

Is it safe to say that the small number of theaters that run this film are limited to urban theaters, and most definitely all those within a stone's throw of a gay neighborhood?

I'm not making a statement about homosexuality here...I'm challenging the hypothesis made by Ms. Sharkey that this is evidence of growing acceptance of the gay lifestyle, for this is so myopic that this article has to be nothing more than a weak attempt to push the gay agenda.

Betsy, the film only pulled in $21 million to date! Do you know what box office gems from 2008 beat this film in receipts?

- Box office bomb "W"...$25.5 million
- "Superhero Movie" (never heard of it? EXACTLY!)...$25.8 million
- "Space Chimps"...$30.1 million
- "The Love Guru" (nominated for a Razzie for Worst Picture)...$32.2 million
- "Drillbit Taylor"...$32.8 million
- "Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay"...$38.1 million
- "Step Up 2 The Streets"...$58 million

Truth: Forget who saw it -- I'm willing to bet that if you took a poll, you wouldn't be able to find many straight people who even know it exists.

Truth: This movie did not advance acceptance of the gay movement so stop pretending.

Truth: This film doesn't even sniff the success of "Brokeback Mountain" which took in $83 million on over 2,000 screens, despite the casting of Academy Award Winner/left-wing cuckoo Sean Penn AND James Franco!

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