Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Poor" Roland Burris

Yesterday Roland Burris responded, "there was certainly no pay-to-play involved, because I don't have no money," when asked if he engaged in a pay-to-play scheme with Blagojevich for Obama's Senate seat.

Roland, please. You're just embarrassing yourself with that excuse. Congrats to you and Blago for skillfully using race to embarrass Congressional democrats (again), but the poor card? Puh-leeze!

See that picture at the top of this post? That's Roland's future resting place. It has his life story etched in stone...that's not cheap. So you're going to have to do better than claiming that you have no money when asked if paid to play or if you were a pawn in Blago's masterful game of politics. One thing is for sure, I doubt Blago did it for free, regardless if he thought that nominating Burris would be the funniest thing out of Chicago since Chris Farley.

No money, eh? Check out how many contributions Burris has made through his law group and consulting firm to Blago, as well as state contracts Burris & Lebed Consulting, LLC acquired since 2003 (Hats to ArchPundit).

For more clarity about the data provided, read this.

Hmmm...looks like classic pay to play...Burris made contributions and was awarded state contracts. Blago's decision to pick Burris for Senate looks more and more like a stick in the eye to Illinois voters and the general public.

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