Monday, January 5, 2009

Variation of Prince classic: "Everyone's behavin' likes its 1993..."

Ahh...the fairness doctrine. If only it could be applied to everyone. Apparently Madam Speaker Pelosi is no student of history, particularly her own. Back in the nineties, much like today, the demoncrats took majority power in the House and Senate back in 1993...and wasted no time abusing it. It got so bad that by the time the 1994 election came around, the donkeys were whipped back into submission as both houses of Congress went back to the Republicans, and would not regain a clear majority until the 110th Congress in 2007.

You'd think that with a twelve-year banishment to the woodshed, there would be time for reflection, self-analysis to examine one's own faults, and foster change in oneself. No...that apparently didn't happen to one Nancy Pelosi.

Now that the libs have a majority again, Pelosi is once again trying to strong arm the democratic "vision" by undoing fairness rules established by the 1994 Republicans in response to the will of the people when the donkeys were banished, who by the way didn't have to do that since they were in the majority then.

She is proposing to do away with the following:

- allowing minority members (Republicans) to propose alternative bills
- allowing minority members to attach amendments to democratic bills
- term limits for committee chairpersons
- guarantee of open debate

It is times and acts like these that I find ironic that they are called the "Democratic Party"...for it is hardly democratic...unless it is suddenly a synonym of fascism.