Monday, January 26, 2009

The weekend is must be Goofy Gaffe Championship Monday!

It's almost as if there is a trophy or championship title at stake out there for stupidest comment by a democrat. And it always makes it good for the sport when there are two or more competitors who are constantly trying to prove that they want it more than the others. So I decided it shall be so.

I expect this to be a regular segment so long as Biden and Pelosi have that three-letter word known as J-O-B-S in the US Government, so I'm calling this the Goofy Gaffe Championship.

This week we have in this corner, Vice-President Joe Biden, who said on Sunday that the Obamessiah is increasing troops in Afghanistan and that we Americans should expect an "uptick" in soldier deaths.

This is beyond stupid on multiple levels:

1. I'm sure all of the US soldiers in Afghanistan are thinking, "Thanks for the confidence, jerk!"

2. Troop deployments are not interest rates or the stock market...using economic terminology to describe the potential loss of American life and treasure is beyond insensitive...don't let your disdain for the military show...much.

3. Hope your own deployed son isn't affected by "volatile movements of the market."

Imagine the outrage if it was President Bush who had referred to this sort of thing so insensitively. To his credit, which he doesn't get enough of, Bush NEVER referred to our troops in these terms, and he always delivered news of this sort in a way that let it be known that he took the responsibility of deploying American sons and daughters extremely personal and serious.

Is it too late for a re-do? Can we get a guy who can stand up in front of the cameras and say something like, "just when the Taliban thought they saw the last of us, we're going to send 30,000 MORE troops and remove them from Afghanistan either dead or alive...I personally prefer the former." You know, get the troops EXCITED and CONFIDENT...not "we don't know what we're's Bush's fault anyway (WAH WAH WAH!) we're probably all gonna die!"


Now in the other corner we have the cagey Nancy Pelosi, who has NEVER, EVER had an misguided thought cross her mind before letting it fly from her mouth.

Not to be outdone by Less-Than-Average Joe, Pelosi tried to draw a link between "family planning" (decoded: abortions) and helping the economy.

Wow, I'm sure her children thank their lucky stars that their mom doesn't practice what she preaches. I don't know about you, but she is so heart-felt when she speaks of killing the unborn and "protecting children's health" in the same sentence I know that I get a warm fuzzy. I guess she'll help protect a child if he or she manages to make it to the delivery table...before that you're on your own, kids!

She might as well have said, "we'd be SO much better off as a nation if we could just find a way to state sanction the killing of MORE unborn children."

For this round I have to score it:

Sweet Loving Nancy 1, Clueless Joe 0

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