Friday, January 9, 2009

Opportunists exploit Obama followers

It is being reported that DC-area hotels are taking full advantage of those who long to attend the Obama inauguration. The Washington Marriott at Metro Center, for example, is offering rooms for $1,000 a night. That same reservation a week later goes for just $119. Some hotels are only renting rooms in multi-day weekend packages to get even more money. I don't really feel sorry for these fact I find it ironic but sad that more than likely there are a good number of followers who have no business dropping that kind of coin to attend this event will yet do whatever it takes to be there...but hey, maybe they have zero tax liability and only stand to get tax refund/welfare checks under the Obama administration, so what's not to like, right?

After all, Obama's whopping tax cut proposal to exempt us from $20 of payroll taxes from our paychecks should help them cover about two years. But I doubt these hotels have payment installment plans.

When I run a query to stay at a Hilton brand hotel on the night before the inauguration, I got rates of up to $ stay in the Hilton in Springfield.

One week later, same hotel...$256/night.

I don't understand what good staying in Springfield would do anyone as all of the bridges from Virginia into DC will be restricted to authorized personnel only, forcing everyone to take the Metro or VRE into the city, which have also inflated their price to take advantage of Obama's supporters. VRE is charging $25 for a round-trip ticket the day of the inauguration, but due to recent rate hikes, this isn't much more than the outrageous price they usually charge (a one-way ticket from Fredericksburg to DC is now $9.75).

If I said I felt sorry for these people, I'd be lying.

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