Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Senator Dodd's house of cards finally fall?

Today, FOX Business revealed that Senator Chris Dodd had inserted bonus protections for AIG execs when the democrats unilaterally assembled the stimulus bill, and is now working to undo them now that they have come under fire by many, including Obama.

FOX goes further to point out that among the AIG donor list in 2008, Dodd is at the very top, with Obama not far behind at #2. McCain is in a distant third, with an amount that almost seems merely conciliatory as the dems raked in far more than Repubs on the donor list:

May God in heaven above perhaps finally see to it that Senator Dodd's corruption be finally exposed and dealt with by the LSM or Obama himself? Remember it was Dodd who also hit a snafu around election time regarding his mortgage, and eventually kinda sorta revealed the details of his sweet-heart deal arranged with Countrywide. Where are the documents? Well if you weren't a member of the media who he hand picked to show the docs to (no copies allowed), then you'll never see them.

He has since conveniently refinanced his mortgages in attempt to escape scrutiny, except for the fact that he did so when it was advantageous for him to do so, as previously reported by yours truly.

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