Monday, March 9, 2009

Readers: Thank you for your patience

I've been blogless for over a week and it is because I had been on a work-cation down in Florida. I thank you for your patience. The blog will resume immediately. Hopefully you haven't been following the curve ball the democrats threw us last week, trying to get us to focus on the baloney about Rush Limbaugh leading the Republican Party. It is simply a ruse to keep us from focusing on the fact that Obama is leading us down the road to socialism and the fact that Wall Street has not been reacting well to this.

I'll take this opportunity of candor to express my difficulty in keeping up with all the incredible level of incompetence mixed with arrogance (dangerous combo) that this administration has put forth on a daily basis. Thank you for your readership and thank you for the leads that some of you send me.

First order of business is to look at the 9,000 earmarks in the FY09 Federal Omnibus bill that I've been hearing about...that Obama was supposedly against. So much for change.

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