Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Famous Republicans/conservatives

While reading another story, I stumbled across this and found it quite interesting. It is a slide show of famous Republicans/conservatives and in some cases I found it surprising. However I will caution that some of the reasons why some of these are deemed Republicans are quite lame, but I think the list is pretty accurate with a few exceptions, so here's a breakdown:

WOW!/Say WHAT?!?!?:
Dennis Hopper (had him pegged as a full-blown hippie)
Kid Rock
LL Cool J

Huh...I did NOT know that!:
Kathy Ireland
Johnny Ramone
Shannon Doherty
Scott Baio
Ricky Schroeder
Nick Lachey
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Gloria Estefan
Heather Locklear
Don King
Rachel Hunter
Drew Carey
Adam Sandler

Not that surprised/I sorta figured/makes all kinds of sense...:
Danny Aiello
Curt Schilling
Dr. Phil
Jack Nicklaus
Cheryl Ladd
Brittany Spears
John Elway
Mel Gibson
Jackie Mason
Stephen Baldwin
Jessica Simpson
Robert Duvall
James Earl Jones (is having Darth Vader on our side a good or bad thing?)
Mary Lou Retton
Dean Cain
Meat Loaf
Tony Danza
Chris Evert
Bill Belichick (that's just GREAT...don't share that "Mr. Grumpypants in a Hoodie" is a Repub please)
Jamie Farr
Wayne Newton
Robert Conrad

No duh/knew that already:
Kelsey Grammer
Chuck Norris (endorsed Mike Huckabee)
Tom Clancy (wrote books about how America kicks international butt)
Naomi Judd (um, why can't you convert your "less-informed" daughter?)
Sara Evans
Lee Ann Womack
Richard Petty
Marie Osmond
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Trace Adkins
Jon Voight (criticized heavily by MSM after he criticized Obama during the campaign)
Bruce Willis
Bo Derek
Angie Harmon and husband Jason Sehorn
Karl Malone
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Susan Lucci
Kirk Cameron
Martina McBride
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Ben Stein
Dennis Franz
Tom Selleck
Clint Eastwood (too big for Hollywood witch hunters to touch)
Loretta Lynn
James Woods
Dennis Miller
Mike Ditka
Pat Sajak
Patricia Heaton
Sylvester Stallone
Dixie Carter
Ted Nugent (is it me or does he look more and more like a woodsy Jack Nicholson as he ages?)
Shirley Jones
Robert Davi
LeAnn Rimes
Ron Silver
Janine Turner
Andy Garcia
Alice Cooper
Sammy Hagar

Labeled incorrectly/I somehow doubt that/You've been punked:
50 Cent
Vincent Gallo (I need more proof than one quote that I interpret as disingenuous)

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