Thursday, December 18, 2008

Letterman: Hate crimes are HILARIOUS!

VIDEO: On Monday night David Letterman made a joke about Sarah Palin's church getting burned. A joke! Remove Sarah Palin from the equation, and it would have been avoided from being made fun of, as well as more extensively covered by the MSM, for it is -- as the liberals have themselves labeled it -- a HATE crime (Truthbomber personally doesn't believe in this special designation as ALL crimes are hate crimes). But since it was Sarah Palin's church, David Letterman sat down yesterday and apparently thought this was a great source for some ha ha's.

Here's where you can write and let CBS know how you feel: Click on 'CBS Television' when you reach this page.

Imagine the outrage if someone had torched Trinity United Church of Christ (Obama's old church formerly led by Rev. Wright)...and if Letterman would have the stupidity/courage to mock it, he would have been canned like Imus.

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