Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guess that internal review was wrong...

It is now being reported by the Chicago Sun-Times that Rahm Emanuel had multiple interactions with Illinois Governor Blagojevich, as was widely speculated -- or at least by those not in the Obama camp who were trying to deny it.

The ramifications are obvious for Emanuel if the report is true. What is less obvious, and will likely be downplayed by the MSM, is the fact that Obama's credibility from here on out should rightfully be called into question any time he claims in the future whenever he claims that he has initiated any internal reviews and/or that these make-believe reviews have cleared him or his peeps of any wrongdoing.

The American people not under the spell of Obamessiah will certainly see him for the fraud that he is, but the question is how long the MSM bothers to keep up the charade, insulting the intelligence of those who believe their garbage (but maybe they're justified to believe that most people are stupid so long as there are people who can't realize or want to believe that they're being lied to).

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