Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is that so?

As you probably have already heard, Obama and his office have conducted a full "review" and have determined that no one in his administration had discussions with Governor Blagojevich about filling his Senate seat. How...convenient. Not to mention impartial. Wow. Your own people have determined that they have done nothing wrong. Amazing. I'm looking forward to the next four years...I hope there is a manual on decoding all of the doublespeak.

According to INDEPENDENT sources, like the media, Rahm Emanuel is starting to surface as the Obama representative that Blago WASN'T talking to.

Obama thinks he can get himself off the hook by saying that he's withholding the release of his internal review out of respect for the investigation, but we all know that what he's hoping is that everybody forgets ALL about it come Christmas. Or better yet, maybe your local paper will have the story on page A32 on Christmas morning and he's banking on you being sleepy eyed from watching your kids open their gifts at o-dark-thirty in the morning when you happen upon the article. It will be curious what happens (or DOESN'T happen) to Rahm Emanuel despite the fact that if it WAS him on the tapes and he wasn't the one who turned Blago in to the authorities, then he was in effect a participant in a felony.

Hats off to Joe Scarborough on "Morning Joe" roasting members of the mainstream media for their lack of knowledge regarding Obama's involvement with Blagojevich. Too bad nobody watches MSNBC or his show, according to Nielsen for December 15:

Morning programs (6:00AM-9:00AM) P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
FOX & Friends –1,097,000 viewers (309,000) (606,000)
American Morning-471,000 viewers (223,000) (298,000)
Morning Joe-488,000 viewers (213,000) (287,000)
Squawk Box-214,000 viewers (92,000) (130,000)
Morning Express w/ Meade- 317,000 viewers (164,000) (206,000)

If a member of the MSM criticizes the Obamessiah on television, and virtually no one is there to hear it, will it still get him tarred and feathered by Keith Olbermann on the same network? If the tar and feathering happens and again, no one is there to see it because of abysmal ratings (1.4 million viewers to O'Reilly's 3.4 million), does it matter?

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