Monday, November 10, 2008

Annie, go get a gun?

There have been several news reports about a sharp increase in guns sales out of fear that Obama and the Democratic-led Congress will make it difficult to either get guns or buy ammunition. Heavy speculation is that the likely method would be to assess a hefty tax on the price of ammunition.

Here is a sampling of some recent articles:


ABC's Nightline

Oregon's Statesman Journal

Business Day

The National Rifle Association web site references a gun ban agenda that was listed on Obama's Transition web site, but has since been removed. Now the most you will see is a very vanilla statement about his general plan for the country under "The Agenda" section. Clearly, there is reason for concern as it is clear that Obama's staff is finding it harder and harder to be transparent about future plans and intentions. One needs to ask why are campaign statements floating around in cyberspace not being left alone? Why is there a constant effort to revise previous statements?

Keep this handy from Hot Air back in September in case he reneges on his promise.

See today's poll on this topic along the right column.

So of course the topic to procure our first home defense weapon is being discussed in our home. My better half wants a good old handgun...but I want something that makes more of a statement --

Meet the Mossberg 500 aka "Zombie Stopper" I've said to my wife, I want to send a gentle but firm warning as to what is about to come next for a would-be intruder with the deep, distinct sound of my first round being chambered with the pump action.

However, if I want such a weapon, I need to hurry as it is clear that Obama's definition of an "assault weapon" includes any weapon procured for the use of the military or law enforcement...and Mossberg is one of the preferred shotguns by law enforcement. Granted that the ones for law enforcement use have an "A1" designation, do you think Obama and the democrats will split hairs on that? I think that if he adopts Joe Biden's expanded definition of an assault weapon, Obama will outlaw ALL types of Mossberg 500 shotguns. Of course, we can't trust's claim that Obama would not expand the list of weapons on the assault weapons ban, since is funded by the Annenberg Foundation, a key funder of ACORN.

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conolly said...

Its coming. Give it time and BB guns, pellet rifles, and good ole fashioned slingshots will be a thing of the past to buy at your local Wallmart. Our right to bear arms will be so stringent and controlled there will be deer and elk grazing freely on the White House lawn.