Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So now what?

It is the morning after -- November 5, 2008, and I'm still processing the election results. America's desire to elect its first black president was so great that it overlooked his politics. I'm not that old but I've never seen a presidential candidate get so little vetting by the media. I won't rehash all the old factors that never got traction prior to his election. I will instead focus on where we may go from here.

I will say that I am proud for America that we have elected a black president. Blacks have indeed waited a long time for representation at this level of government so hopefully now there will be a greater sense among them that there is but ONE America. I'm not a big John Wayne fan, but I agree with him that a hyphenated America (i.e. African-American, Asian-American, etc.) is a divided America. What I think will happen though is that blacks will end up feeling lukewarm towards him by the end of his term because he will not solve poverty, though many would like to believe that. What he MAY do however is make that pool of folks BIGGER through taxation (yes, we'll ALL be taxed when he lets those Bush tax cuts expire people!). No, Obamanation won't pay your mortgage or your car loan through the magical taxation of the highest 5%.

So I see two possible models that Obama may govern. One extreme would be that Obama goes to the extreme left to appeal to the loonies. Things that come to mind are: streamlined processes for killing the unborn, stifling our free media via the Fairness Doctrine, and/or discouraging Second Amendment rights using tactics used by the idiots running Washington DC. Government-run health care (now THERE'S an oxymoron!) and overhauls of tax laws to redistribute wealth also fall into this category. Keep an eye on his appointments to see if ACORN loyalists or mutual friends of Bill Ayers get in the door -- you think I'm kidding but I'm fully expecting a disciple of Ayers to be appointed to the Department of Education so their loony "social justice" enterprise can be unleashed full scale.

The other extreme I see is Barack Obama actually being kept at bay by the remaining Republicans in Congress with the help of "Blue Dogs" (but keep an eye out for pork for these guys to vote in the affirmative for Obamanation initiatives) due to Obama's extreme ambitions being too extreme perhaps for even some liberals. If he is effectively neutered from putting into place his most extreme ambitions, his presidency could perhaps go down historically as nothing more than the second coming of JC (as in Jimmy Carter) in that he would go down in the books as a wimp with no moral compass or meaningful convictions to contribute to the American story still being written.

So this blog will be dedicated to revealing and discussing all Executive Orders by President Obama (that hurts to type that) and other shenanigans performed by liberal pinheads like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. It will be amazing to see what else the demoncrats try to blame on the minority Republicans over the next four years. This blog will also bring to light stories that the liberal media tries to outright ignore or bury on page 23 in the Travel and Living section.

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Meri said...

You rock! Can't wait to see it all unfold with you;)