Friday, November 7, 2008

Teacher berates students with military parents for supporting McCain

UPDATE: It appears that the Superintendent of the Cumberland County Schools system has no intention of letting this incident go. Hopefully we'll see that tenure doesn't make you iron-clad.

Check THIS out!

Fayetteville, NC teacher Diantha Harris browbeats soldier's daughter for parent's choice to vote for McCain. Looks like teacher may face disciplinary action...but here's the kicker (Kool Aid alert)...

...she claims that her comments were "doctored." Watch the video yourself and judge for the way...the subtitles are in Swedish.

Info on how to let her school board know how you feel


L said...

oooh- link removed. booo hisssss!

Truthbomber... said...

Link fixed! It now takes you to the Cumberland County School Board directly...hee hee.