Thursday, November 20, 2008

Promoting "tolerance" through tyranny

The gay/lesbian agenda is in full swing and if you disagree in any way, prepare to be attacked. First it was the success of Proposition 8 in California, in which a majority of residents there (you know...that pesky thing called majority rule, aka democracy) collectively agreed that marriage is only defined as being between one man and one woman.

Then the blacklists started...and the church protests (in MICHIGAN of all places). But today's latest takes the cake. eHarmony LOST a discrimination suit in New Jersey because it didn't provide its service to gays and lesbians. I'm sorry but that is tyranny. Since when are businesses REQUIRED to provide something that it never intended to? It's called a FREE MARKET. Just because eHarmony doesn't provide this service doesn't mean that they don't exist elsewhere. Based on this outcome, I invite everyone to begin litigation on the following:

1. If you're white, apply for the United Negro College Fund or apply to be a member of the NAACP. When you're rejected for obvious reasons, sue.

2. Go to McDonald's and try to order Chinese food. When they tell you that they don't sell that, sue.

3. This one will really turn the tables...visit a gay club of the opposite sex and when you can't find a restroom because both are designated for the same sex, sue.

4. Go to the post office and ask for commemorative stamps of Comrade Pelosi. When they tell you that they don't have those, sue.

The point is that this lawsuit is ridiculous. No, this wasn't about what eHarmony did or didn't was about advancing the gay agenda, and New Jersey handed them a big, fat, unwarranted win.

Tyranny is something that is supposed to only happen in communist countries...oh wait..I think this may be part of that "change" we're supposed to believe in.

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