Monday, November 17, 2008

"Only McCain supporters capable of racism"

...or at least that is what you're supposed to believe after reading AP writer Jesse Washington's latest masterpiece entitled, "Election Spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes." Every single example cited in the article was an anti-Obama incident. He must not have Googled the correct terms during his research, since doing so would have revealed anti-McCain vandalism in York County, South Carolina...Prince George's County, Maryland...Missouri City, Texas...Franklin County, Pennsylvania...and the incident in Prince William County, Virginia...just to name a few.

Or how about the threats of boycott against a Prince George's County hotel? You start going down a dangerous road of censorship when you call together a boycott of a business merely because of their political preference. I'm sorry but threatening someone's livelihood over the election has far more weight than even the worst reported anti-Obama act. I'm sure if it were a pro-Obama hotel being boycotted, it would have been a hate crime (what ISN'T a hate crime, by the way? Is there a LOVE crime? I digress...)

I guess Jesse Washington simply forgot to cite ANY ONE of these. Dare I speculate that it could be that Jesse Washington may have a slight bias because he himself is black?

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