Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama White House gets a dog

Well that didn't take very long. Obama has already asked US Representative Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) to be his Chief of Staff. He's described in the link above as "sharp-tongued" and "sharp elbowed." That's a really nice way to say that if you have someone that needs convincing by sending the goon squad, Rahm is your man. I guess an Obama gesture of "reaching across the aisle" involves a baseball bat.

There are conflicting stories regarding who was involved, but here are some of the resume highlights for "Rahm-bo":

1. His appointment would represent Obama's first import of good, old-fashioned Chicago politics. He's quoted as saying that democrats represent a break from the status quo and cronyism, yet his own roots seem to imply that he's no different.

2. There are legendary stories of psychopathic behavior like sending an ex-girlfriend a dead fish and stabbing a table incessantly during a victory dinner akin to something you'd see in an Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro performance. There are some potential explanations for this. One might be that he was forced to take ballet as a young boy.

Let's look at his record briefly...

Just when you thought that Obama was pro-choice, we may have found a more left democrat...NARAL gives him a 100% voting record rating. Use your imagination for what all that emcompasses.

He's against defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Curiously was in favor of making the Patriot Act permanent.

Rated by the HRC as having a 100% pro-gay stance

The Christian Coalition gave him an 8% grade...which means that he's pretty anti-family (even though he has one).

He's against the requirement to show a photo ID to vote.

Is for the immediate pull out of troops from Iraq.

Is against all anti-immigration measures.

Curiously against ending offshore tax havens.

Just some highlights for you to enjoy. Sounds like a real uniter. So the bottom line is that appointing Emanuel enables Obama to keep his nice-guy image while his junkyard dog does all the dirty work. Most likely, Emanuel will be in charge of the far left wing agenda and will meet with Obama often to determine the what and when of things that will be "safe" to unleash upon the public.

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Anonymous said...

I was raised in a strict Republican home. Traditional Republicans from the past were always against wars. The Democrat's would always take us to war and then a Republican President would be elected and end the war and bring the troops home. We can thank the birth of NeoConservatives under President George H Bush for the new pro-war line of thinking. So when you say "Is for the immediate pull out of troops from Iraq" that's actually not out of line with traditional Republican thinking.

Then you say, "He's against the requirement to show a photo ID to vote". So am I. I have voted in every election since I turned 18, 14 years ago. Frankly I think American's are too eager to give up their liberties in fear of voter fraud which is now looked at comparatively to terrorism. Did you know that on Nov 4th this year 80.6 eligible voters did not vote? I wonder how many people would be concerned about these things if we had 100% voter turnout. Fraud takes place because there is room for fraud.

My "creep-dar" went off as soon as he was picked though.

But don't worry OBama is the same thing as the old wrinkled white guy (working for the military industrial complex and the world financial community), he's just younger and hipper, so the continued raping of our rights won't feel so ugly.