Sunday, November 30, 2008

Notes from the Culture War

I must not watch enough television (probably a good thing)...I'm about to risk exposing this fact by making the following observation: since when did "God d#@%" become acceptable on television?

This evening I decided to do a little channel surfing after watching the Bears give up another score to the Vikings on Sunday Night Football (for the record, neither are favorites of mine -- go Giants!). My first stop was D.L. Hughley's new "news" show on CNN. This has nothing to do with my main point, but I find it worth mentioning that Hughley is still celebrating Obama's victory as if it happened yesterday. I smell cancellation if he can't get any more story ideas.

Anyhoo, I then ventured to Comedy Central to see who Katt Williams was, who was doing stand-up. I thought I had heard his name before, but I must have been thinking about The Greatest American Hero, William Katt.

Needless to say, for those of you who are already familiar with Mr. Williams, I was horribly wrong. The only words not bleeped during this "comedy" bit were key articles and propositions like "the" and "when." But what truly shocked me was when he let fly a "G.D." and nothing happened. No bleep. They just let that sucker fly without interference. Dismayed, I changed the channel again. This time to catch one of my favorite cheese films "Hudson Hawk," twenty minutes in at this point. Then it happened again from Bruce Willis' own lips -- TWICE! G.D. this and G.D. that. Wow, I thought, my V-chip must be flat busted. Nope. I realized that apparently the rest of the world does not find offensive what I find to be the MOST offensive cuss word out there.

So either I'm way behind the times as to what is allowed and not allowed on television these days, or this is a new trend in the ongoing effort to diminish the importance of God.

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